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Mobile apps for SME’s – what are your chances to scale your local business

Mobile apps for SME’s – what are your chances to scale your local business

September 20, 2021

Want to know how to scale your local business via a perfect mobile app?

If you are wondering that having a website or a social media page is enough to attract new customers, then you are surely wrong!

In fact, companies restricting their presence to a website actually face the buy and bye scenario, thus failing to establish and retain a life-long customer.

Nearly 70% of worldwide brands are now depending on mobile apps for their businesses of all sizes. Of course, for SMEs, this means big bucks of dollars!

So, if you really want to know what wonders mobile apps can do to your business, you must read through this blog.

As research says, almost 50% of SMEs have already

their self-developed mobile apps and 30% have outsourced for the same.

The idea is, mobile apps are necessary not just for SMEs to survive, but also for SMEs to thrive.

What mobile apps are all about and how do these apps help to scale your local business?

Statistics reveal almost 80% of buyers choose to purchase through mobile eCommerce apps, surely reflecting the benefits of mobile apps for SMEs as well as for the big giants. Mobile apps can incredibly increase brand image, customer loyalty and employee efficiency. Still, an SME must deeply analyze the app’s goals, its potential consumers, and even the expertise required to develop a successful mobile app.

So here are the top reasons why your SME should invest in mobile apps.

1 – Increases Customer Retention

According to one research, 38% of users in research returned to the apps more than 10 times as a result of sending push notifications.

A mobile app keeps customers well-engaged. Sending gentle reminders via your mobile app not only aids in retaining existing buyers and also extends your reach in the market. Better the engagement, the greater the chances of customers buying your product or using your service.

2 – Customised Marketing Channel

Up to 70% of customers desire customized experiences from brands. With a mobile app, businesses can leverage location and user information to personalize push notifications for periodically sending reminders to customers. This level of customization and personal service aids in fostering deep-rooted customer relations.

3 – Develop an On-Demand Marketplace

The on-demand marketplace has realistically helped small businesses, like Rover. As soon as Rover launched their mobile app, it helped them in widening their reach to 11,000 plus cities; which clearly proves that having a mobile app is indeed a great way to expand any small business.

4 – Boosts Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs not merely helps in boosting customer loyalty but they also aids in useful user data collection. It is a great promotional tactic whereby SME owners offer coupons & cashback to old app users. Nearly 71% of customers in research bought something through mobile apps just because of coupons or a discount voucher.

5 – Mobile is Everywhere!

Our lives really revolve around mobile phones. According to the latest statistics, up to 80% of all mobile phone users have made a purchase using mobile apps in the last six months, which clearly reflects the growing need for mobile apps.

6- Free marketing

Push notifications increase a read rate of 97%. So marketing your product or service for free through push notifications exponentially grows your local business.

7- Mobile apps are preferred

Not a single online industry is left untapped from mobile app development. Mobile apps are very much preferred for online banks payment, online healthcare and food delivery; thus continuously proving their market value as the best reliable source of online transactions.

8- Boost e-commerce sales

Unleashing the power of personalization blended with outstanding support and superior content stimulates high-end business sales.

9-Customized Features

App features must be diligently customized so as to suit customer preferences for ensuring successful business scalability, low return rates and high conversion rates. Personalized features of the mobile apps help to connect users, boost customer engagement & speed up business growth.

10- In-Depth Analytics
Mobile apps offer a great view of eCommerce transactions, and customer preferences via incredible dashboard features. Popular analytics tools like App flyer amazingly fine-tune marketing strategies and furnishes detailed user data.

11-Diminished Complexity
Mobile apps usually offer reduced complexity, user-friendly experiences with futuristic details like numerous payment methods, search bars, and accessible shopping merchandise.

12- Safe and Secure

The user’s online payment information as well as data through Google Pay, Pay Pal, credit or debit cards are safely transacted on shopping apps with ultimate confidentiality and data privacy.

13- Exceedingly Interactive

Automatic, stunning UI and UX designs make mobile apps interestingly active permitting amazing user experience. This creates chances to shop more and prolonged usage by prospective shoppers.

14- Huge Revenue

The research calculates mobile apps will produce up to USD 250 billion in revenue by 2022, owing to the fact that it:

  • Promote the brand
  • Make it comfortable for shoppers
  • Offer customer-friendly shopping experiences
  • Concentrate on experiential sales
  • Mobile biometrics-based secure and natural payments
  • Utilize browser free native mobile features
  • Enhanced UI and UX
  • Targeting & geo-fencing to increase brand recall

Final Word

The growing trend of mobile apps has undoubtedly triggered a significant potential boost in revenue. With the emergence of mobile apps, eCommerce ecosystems have grown and thrived. Users adore shopping apps for their accessibility, convenience and utility. For business owners, this is an excellent time to invest in an online brand to build brand exposure, market desires, and stand out from competitors. Contact Zoom Digital and grow your business with us, as we are the best mobile app development company in UAE to meet all your requirements and needs.

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