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Client Background

Camali Clinic is a mental health and well-being center in Dubai Health Care City. The multidisciplinary clinical team includes eminent psychologists, counselors, therapists, registered nurses, dietitians and expert doctors. The team of expert clinicians has experience in the USA, UAE, UK, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Philippines, France and South Africa.

The Challenges

The client had miscellaneous challenges related to the website. The coding was not meeting SEO standards, a lot of unnecessary plugins were installed, the website was too slow, the user experience was poor compared to the competitors and many more. The design was even not responsive to mobile or even desktop dimensions. Due to bad user experiences, the inquiries were too low in number. This was adversely impacting Camali in terms of business.

Our Role

We aimed for perfect keywords and conducted credible surveys on designs and journeys for a new website. We spoke to the former customers and received extended consolidated data.

We eventually designed an innovative, highly responsive website with a world-class user experience on the basis of our results. We identified a set of objectives and listed down all the problems regarding structure, unnecessary javascript, poor URL structure. Above all, we eased the customer journey by smoothing the entire integration process to dynamically integrated HMS (hospital management system).



Increase in appointment booking


User rate boosted


Contact form conversions elevated


Session rate enhanced


Bounce rate decreased

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