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Result-driven Lead Generation Services by Zoom Digital

Result-driven Lead Generation Services by Zoom Digital

Strategies we follow that generate high quality leads are:

  • We differentiate between Inquiries and Leads.
  • We put into Action a Lead Scoring System.
  • We are end-to-end engaged in Lead Nurturing.

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Our strong lead generation process revolves around:

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    Lead acquisition

    perfectly tracing out where target market lives on the web

  • nurturingicon
    Nurturing existing leads

    ensuring a vigorously positive customer experience

  • scoringleadicon
    Scoring each lead

    deciding leads for top, middle and bottom of sales funnel

  • usersupport
    Pass along leads to sales

    pursue lead conversion into sale

  • evulateicon
    Evaluate lead generation process

    Successful selling via constant analysis

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What is Account-Based Marketing
for Lead Generation?

“40 percent of companies using Account-Based
Marketing plan to grow their efforts.”

Account-based marketing is a greatly productive strategy that targets specific companies with personalized campaigns, instead of targeting large groups as a whole. It is:

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  • The most effective for enterprise-level customers mainly due to the amount of effort and time involved.
  • Demand marketing and sales team to work in best sync.
  • Leverage’s automation to streamline steps in the entire process, such as lead generation full automation or even email follow-ups.
  • Develops a personal winning relationship with decision-makers

Benefits of Account Based Marketing with Zoom Digital?

  • Specific accounts targeted rather than broad key terms.
  • Sales cycles shorter than 90 days.
  • Building trust with customers by showing prospects you actually understand what they truly need.
Generate new accounts, track target accounts, and build lead lists based on potential buyer intent data intent with Zoom Digital. Contact Us