10 Best AI Tools for Business To Stand Out in The Market

10 Best AI Tools for Business To Stand Out in The Market

May 10, 2023

Whether you’ve just started out or are a successful business tycoon, we bet you are hanging tight on technology. Sometimes, even brilliant business ideas couldn’t come to life due to insufficient resources. In such cases, the Elon Musk of the business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI), automatically comes to mind. 

The upgrade has introduced us to improved productivity, automated tasks, and valuable insights into better business decisions. Over the years, AI-based tools have opened countless growth opportunities for businesses globally. 

Those who adopted the technology promptly have already gained 2X on their investments. All in all, incorporating AI tools for business in due time would be productive, both financially and operationally. 

Best AI Tools For Business: Our Top Picks 

Experts at Zoom Digital have picked up the best AI-based tools for business, which you can effortlessly incorporate into your system. However, only some tools will work exactly as advertised, and you may put in more effort. So, go with the one that suits your needs the best. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is the mainstream spell-and-structure reviewing application that feeds your text to its algorithm. 

The software helps identify grammatical errors in documents, business emails, and project proposals. On top of it, it detects your written tone, telling if you’re being too formal, confident, or overfriendly. 

When hopping on the paid plan, you can unlock some incredible features. It includes checking plagiarism, rewriting suggestions, and making your texts clear and perfect.

  • Beautiful.ai 

Beautiful.ai is an AI-based tool that goes by its name.

If you’re running a startup, it’s given that you wish to create impressive presentations for potential investors and customers. So, instead of sparing hours on PowerPoint or Slides, opt for Beautiful.ai to produce incredible presentations. All you need is to add texts and images; the software will take over the task. 

It will simplify the process by creating an appealing presentation in contrast with the content. With over 60 customisable slides, it’s one of the best AI tools for business. Go ahead, and give it a try.

  • Anyword 

Anyword is an action-driven copywriting tool that’s specifically designed for marketers. It’s one of the most popular AI marketing tools, backing you with a bunch of tasks. It helps you generate efficient copy for ads, emails, landing pages, and content. 

With this tool, you can create long-form content for blog posts, product descriptions, and more. What’s more impressive is that Anyword provides marketers with predictive metrics and insights.  

The free version allows everyone to benefit from data-driven copywriting. But there’s also a paid version available with advanced features. 

  • Zoom.ai 

Zoom.ai is an AI-powered tool that allows businesses to automate their administrative tasks. This virtual assistance helps them schedule meetings, respond to emails, and align reports.

It can also collaborate with popular communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. The idea is to complement Zoom with similar niches to be handier for the end-users. 

The new features of Zoom.ai will allow users to catch up with missed meetings and ensure they will get all the crucial details. Indeed, it’s one of the excellent AI tools for businesses working remotely!

  • Revealbot 

Revealbot is one of the various AI digital marketing tools to assist marketers with their ad campaigns. It allows them to automate ad strategies for Facebook and Google from a single interface. 

Furthermore, the software monitors and compares metrics among several ad campaigns. Simultaneously, it boosts top-performing posts and allows users to generate bulk ads. Not only does it cut down on workflow time, but it also makes testing the adoption easier.  

  • Jasper 

Most of us recognize Jasper as one of the best AI tools for content writing, which makes it a leading online writing assistant. 

You only need to provide the keywords, and Jasper will analyse them before creating phrases, paragraphs, and documents. In the next step, Jasper compliments the matter with the subject and tone of voice. 

The software can produce over 1500-word content in less than 15 minutes. It features over 50 AI-based content generation templates, including emails, blog posts, social media ads, press releases, etc.

  • Pictory

Pictory is an AI-powered generator enabling you to create and edit premium-quality videos. One of the best qualities of this tool is that there’s no need to have experience in video editing and designing. 

You start with providing a script, serving as the base of your video content. As an outcome, Pictory will convert the blog post into an adorable video for several purposes. It’s an excellent initiative for businesses wishing to increase engagement and quality. 

Another great feature of the software is allowing shareable video reels. The part is fantastic for brands putting a reminder of their presence. In addition, you may add captions to your videos and summarise them automatically.

  • Tidio 

Tidio is a one-stop solution for businesses to add a chatbot to their online sites. It makes you instantly address the customer’s concerns so you may solve their problems in real-time. 

At the same time, you can offer various perks like custom discounts and deals. Tidio’s live chats make it stand out with the best AI tools for business. 

Besides the chatbot, it allows tracking your visitors. As an outcome, you can determine your website’s pages that need personalization. With an audience overview, it’s easy to acknowledge their preferences.  

  • TimeHero

TimeHero can be your personal project and task management software to help with the to-do list. Once you connect your Gmail to TimeHero, the app reflexively develops tasks based on due dates. 

This way, you don’t need to juggle between multiple apps to track the operations at a glance over the progress from TimeHero. The software is extra handy for punctual entrepreneurs wishing to complete tasks promptly.

  • ChatGPT

When mentioning some of the best AI tools for business, how can we forget ChatGPT? It’s a powerhouse of automation, which even the big players like Microsoft and Google have adopted. 

Content marketing has never been easier before ChatGPT. No wonder companies leverage ChatGPT for content creation to enhance their marketing efforts. 

Since it is an AI-powered tool, it lets us enjoy human-like conversations via chatbot. This ability grants an instant connection with the visitors so they wouldn’t go otherwise.  

Wrapping Up!

AI-powered tools are becoming widespread in brands of all sizes. Therefore, you no longer need to chase outdated software to manage your businesses.

It’s time to pick relevant AI tools for business and start over like a ninja. The right tool will help you reduce time, boost ROI, raise your conversion rate, and bring you the desired profitability rate.

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