How to Use Instagram Reels for Business? A Detailed Guide

How to Use Instagram Reels for Business? A Detailed Guide

March 28, 2023

The popularity of Instagram knows no bounds. And needless to say, the introduction of reels has made this social media platform even more popular.

Statistics reveal that 2.35 billion interact with Instagram reels every month. Now that’s a huge number!

Not only this but reels are known to have the highest engagement rate of 3.72%. They also have the highest video view rate of 2.54%.

Taking into account all these statistics about Instagram reels, it’s safe to say that they make for an ideal platform for marketing. Businesses have been leveraging them for quite some time now, and the results, as expectedly, have been overwhelming, to say the least.

Instagram Reels for Business

If you are new to social media marketing and want to benefit from Instagram reels, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we have shared a complete guide on how to use this full-blown Tiktok-competitor to improve your brand’s engagement rate. But before that, let’s briefly introduce Instagram reels:

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are full-screen videos shown vertically on devices. They can be pre-shot or recorded in the app. For pre-shot videos, the maximum allowed duration is 15 minutes, while in-app videos can be recorded for up to 90 seconds.

Users can choose from a host of editing tools, filters, interactive backgrounds, captions, and stickers to make their reels stand out. Furthermore, a vast audio library is available for them to use. They can also add multiple video clips.

Are Instagram Stories and Reels the Same?

No, they are different. Instagram Stories were actually inspired by Snapchat as they disappear after 24 hours. The same is not the case with reels, as they tend to stay available unless deleted by the user.

Also, the Instagram algorithm favours reels more as compared to regular posts and stories; therefore, making them a lucrative option for marketing.

How to Use Instagram Reels for Business?

Keep the following factors in consideration when making Instagram reels for your business in order to get better reach and engagement:

1.       Post Authentic Content

First thing first, you need to decide the tone of content, and this mainly depends on your target audience.

Next, you have to make sure the content you post is authentic. Only then, it will be able to draw the attention of your target audience.

While it’s given the purpose of posting the reel is to promote your brand, it shouldn’t look like an ad. It can be off-putting for users. Ideally, you should find a perfect balance between coming across as a sponsored post or ad and a professionally crafted video.

Mainly, you should be able to relay your message to target potential buyers. The video (reel) should garner their interest and compel them to follow your account. Now, there are different ways you can do this.

For example, you can highlight the user experience in reels. Similarly, focusing on commitment to sustainability and the environment in an engaging way can get you followers. Coupling the video with a captivating tagline or CTA (call-to-action) can help you create a winner reel.

2.       Follow the Latest Trends

There’s no better place than knowing about what’s trending than social media channels. And for businesses, capitalising on these trends is a sure-shot way of getting noticed.

For example, you can use trending audio clips and signature tracks in your reels to gain more views and traction. Cleverly inserting your product/service may benefit you a lot as well.

Once you have gained a strong footing in the industry, you may plan to become a trendsetter instead of a trend-follower. This, however, is not exactly an easy feat to achieve.

3.       Market Promotions and Offers

Instagram reels offer a great platform to market your exciting new offers and promotions. For example, if you own a retail store and are planning to launch a clearance sale, announcing it through reels can help you gain a lot of attention.

You can highlight your products and the offer (% of discount, buy-one-get-one, etc.) through the reel in a creative way so that it could reach the maximum number of people.

4.       Highlight New Products/Services

Similarly, if you plan to launch a new product or introduce a new service, you can leverage the power of reels to let your audience know about them.

Again, creativity is the key here. Since every other brand is doing the same, you need to stand out among the rest to be able to garner attention. And, of course, your post shouldn’t look like an advertisement. You can use unique ideas to do so. Partnering with influencers is another great idea in this regard (more on this later).

5.       A Mix of Entertainment and Education

Mostly, reels are shared for entertainment purposes. People scroll their Instagram feeds for hours as they get entertained by these short videos.

This is why the entertainment factor is a must in the reels you should create. However, you must overlook the fact that your primary purpose is to market your product or create brand awareness. This brings us to the main point here – creating a perfect mix between entertainment and education.

Simply put, you should educate users about your brand or product while keeping them entertained. This is a strategy that will earn you brand recognition and followers.

6.       Collaborate with Influencers

Since influencers already have people who ‘follow’ them and view their reels, collaborating with them can help you get recognition as well.

This can particularly prove to be beneficial if you plan to launch a new product or there’s an exciting offer on the card. The influencer will use your product or highlight the offer in the reel. They may also redirect users to your website or Instagram handle.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, Instagram reels have great potential for businesses. However, with the growing competition, you need to think out of the box to be able to grab the interest of users.

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