10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Website for your Business

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Website for your Business

March 15, 2023

Around 75% of your website’s reputation is largely determined by the way it is designed. If you don’t get it right, customers may view your company as less reliable and trustworthy.

Getting it correct makes all the difference because a first impression is a lasting one. 

A website must be powerful enough to propel your company forward. Ultimately, it will help you increase sales, raise brand awareness, capture your audience’s attention, and position yourself as a market expert. 

With that, there are some common website design mistakes to avoid, which will help your company stand out from the competition online, whether creating a new website from scratch or updating an existing one.

Top 10 Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid 

Being a fresh entrepreneur, you might need to familiarise yourself with the website-design pitfalls; that’s where the guide will back you. Keep on reading to unleash some of the most common website design mistakes to avoid on the go. 

  1. Not Having a USP

    Developing a website is similar to opening an outlet in a bustling laneway or a restaurant among popular cafes. How can you persuade the public to walk into your store instead of the competitors?

    It’s by shaping your USP (unique selling proposition) as it predicts the progress of your website. That’s why considering the USP of your brand is pivotal, and if you don’t have it, there’s no predictability of the website traffic.

  2. Inconsistent Domain Name

    The credentials must complement your products and services when representing an online identity as a business. Among other tasks, we often need to remember to attend to them. So, it’s one of the most common website design mistakes to avoid, especially in 2023 with growing competition. 

    It should sound impressive and easy for the audience to remember. Surprisingly, domain names that are the most memorable are usually the most successful and profitable ones. For this, you must thoroughly research and find a name that stays loyal and consistent with the online message.

  3. Cluttered Homepage

    When considering the most common website design mistakes to avoid, having a cluttered homepage surpasses every mishap. As there’s a plethora of content present online, digital eyes need more patience. 

    And the first thing they notice in your profile is the cluttered homepage, ultimately losing them without converting to consumers. You must design the website so every age group can perceive the concept.

  4. Slow Servers

    Slow serves are directly connected to the website’s loading time, which negatively influences the brand. As per a report, an average viewer only waits a few seconds for a website to load before moving to another site. 

    The size of the images, videos and widgets says a lot about how your service works. If you’re not a pro, we prefer getting a web design company to look into the faults.

  5. Neglecting SEO

    Millions of brands and researchers have backed up Search Engine Optimization. Ignoring the significance of SEO is the most common website design mistake to avoid, particularly if you are aiming for a strong online presence. 

    SEO is manipulating the website design and ranking it higher on search engines like Google. It has some serious implications regarding website design, especially concerning.

    • Usage of keywords
    • Page titles
    • Meta descriptions
    • Image text
    • Duplicated copy
  6. Prioritising Wrong Aspects

    Every business owner wants to achieve an incredible-looking website with the best functionality. However, they must remember to attend to the sales-boosting elements in the competitors’ race.

    Simply put, when building a website, you need to set your priorities straight. By this, we’re referring to putting your audience’s wishes first. 

    After all, it’ll help convert them to consumers, ultimately adding to your sales and profitability. So, do your due diligence, and find out the requirements of your target audience. You will ace it by making a delightful blend of relevant information and futuristic website design.

  7. Poor Quality Visuals

    We’re sure you’ve seen it before, but low-quality visuals are still part of the deal. Most business owners dismiss it as an insignificant factor. If visuals are important to your website, attention to clarity and precision is critical. Allow a professional graphic designer to handle the task, so you avoid repeating the same blunder.

  8. No Search Bar/Box

    Search bars have become an essential component of any website. Most people, when they visit a website, look for a search bar to find things they need. If they cannot find it, they will eventually move to other options.

  9. Difficult Navigation

    If links are hard to find and buttons need to be visible, users will go through the website in circles and not straightforwardly. They won’t take long before abandoning it if they aren’t finding it easy to navigate. Resultantly, the bounce rate will increase, which means fewer leads will be generated.

  10.  Missing Call-to-actions

    How can you convert your website visitors into customers? This, undoubtedly, is one of the most commonly asked questions.The simple answer is having a CTA (call-to-action). Leaving out a “call-to-action” section on your website is akin to serving a fruit cake without cherries on top.Every website requires a high-tech CTA to persuade customers to complete their purchases. Keep it short and to the point, or it may irritate them enough to leave the site immediately.

The Takeaway!

Remember that a website doesn’t go with the “one and it’s done” creation. Since search engines are constantly updating their algorithms; therefore, you need to step up. 

With the guide of most common website design mistakes to avoid, we suggest not setting yourself up for failure again. Instead, let the professional team at Zoom Digital take over to ensure leads and a stress-free user experience.

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