5 Handy Voice Search Optimization Strategies That Work

5 Handy Voice Search Optimization Strategies That Work

February 15, 2023

A few years ago, ‘talking to computers’ seemed like a far-fetched idea. People used to talk to each other (voice chat/video chat) through computers, but talking to the computer wasn’t exactly considered a possibility.

However, it has finally become a reality as people are often seen interacting with their phones and other tech gadgets (smartwatches, automatic washing machines, etc.), giving them voice commands.

Due to the rising popularity and utility of voice commands, search engines now also allow users to enter their queries via voice search instead of typing them out. This call for implementing voice search optimization strategies to make your website more prominent in response to voice search queries.

5 Voice Search Optimization Strategies that You Shouldn’t Miss

Experts at Zoom Digital have come up with a list of the five most effective voice search optimization strategies that you must implement on your website. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at them:

  • Don’t Neglect Conversational Keywords

Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on short-tail keywords, voice search optimization requires more focus on conversational keywords. This is due to the fact that people tend to say the entire phrase when looking for something instead of typing a selection of words, as they used to do when performing a query on search engines.

So, the crux here is to focus on long-tail keywords. Your research of keywords should be based on the nature of business and the common queries people have related to your product line or services.

Remember that short-tail keywords won’t become absolutely obsolete. So, do not quit working on them altogether. The idea is to bring more long-tail keywords into the mix and focus on them more as compared to earlier.

  • Have an FAQ Section

Most websites already have an FAQ section catering to the commonly asked queries of their users. If yours have it, too, you’re certainly heading in the right direction.

In case there’s no FAQ section, you shouldn’t waste time creating one. Make a list of commonly asked questions about your business and answer them in a detailed yet precise manner. Make sure no question is left unanswered.

  • Set the Tone According to the Consumer Behaviour

It’s important to understand consumer behaviour to be able to cater to them and answer their queries effectively. You can use real-time data, research, and consumer insights for this purpose. It will help to gain perspective on how different individuals use voice search and the devices they use for this purpose.

You can then use this data to set the tone, create persona-based content, and provide them with a better, more optimized experience.

  • Focus on Local Audience

With traditional SEO, marketers mostly aim to broaden their reach beyond their immediate vicinity. However, with voice search, you should focus more on the local audience. This is due to the fact that almost 50% of voice search users look for local products or business information.

This clearly implies that voice search is local-friendly. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity and consider targeting a local audience using this technology. The first step in doing so is creating a Google Business Profile. It’s easy, free of cost, and beneficial whether or not you’re looking for voice search optimization strategies.

Apart from making your business accessible to all, it can also prove to be a powerful resource that can help you obtain insightful data pertaining to consumer activity.

  • Be Mobile-friendly

It goes without saying that people interact with their smartphones more than their laptops. We don’t take out our laptops when we have to buy something or require information about a particular business or its services, right? Our mobile phones allow us to do it quite conveniently.

Therefore, it makes complete sense to have a website that’s fully optimized for mobile. Whether you’re looking for voice search optimization techniques or general search engine optimization tips, this one’s a must.

A website that’s not friendly for mobile users won’t bring you any leads. It’s as simple as that!

Moving Forward

Voice search is on course to become an integral part of search engine optimization. So, it’s about time you implement the aforementioned voice search optimization strategies and empower your website.

For further assistance, reach out to experts at Zoom Digital. We can help you in creating a strong online presence for your business.

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