Emerging Social Media Channels For Business Marketing

Emerging Social Media Channels For Business Marketing

September 23, 2022

Most businesses, being familiar with the powers digital marketing consumes, use various social media channels to promote products and services. The reason is apparent. It helps connect with new audiences providing opportunities to generate leads and business expansion.

Social media has been around since the 90’s when people used to rely on email marketing to connect with people. However, the trend took a turn in 2006 with the launch of Facebook. People started using social media to share content and generate traffic leading to immense marketing and sales. With time, the use of social media has evolved, modifying the outcomes it used to offer. Now its scope is not limited to merely content sharing, but businesses use it in a myriad of ways today.

In this digital era, presence on social media earns you a strong place in the market, providing you to give customers what they look for. Hiring social media experts or outsourcing services from top-rated digital marketing companies can transform your business by building a strong online presence.

Top Social Media Channels For Marketing 

As social media channels are emerging with advanced features offering more benefits to marketers, let’s discuss the top social media channels marketers use today.

  1.   Facebook

Facebook is the oldest and most promising social media channel in terms of making customers and generating revenues. With more than 6 billion users aged between 18 to 65 and older, it helps marketers access the general public with positive outcomes, provided they have access to Facebook. With the fact that Facebook offers an audience of every age and gender, it is the most useful platform for businesses.

Needless to say, it’s pretty easy to use. Just make a Facebook page, and produce interesting content in the form of text, graphics, videos, questions, and stories to pique customers. Providing organic, paid promotion, and Facebook ads, it offers endless opportunities to interact with audiences and introduce them to your product and services in an engaging way.

  1.   Instagram

Next on the list of emerging social media channels is Instagram. With 1+ billion followers aged between 24 to 34, this platform has secured its place as one of the best social media channels for promoting business and generating leads. Furthermore, with most followers aged between 24 to 34, it is the perfect channel to hit young demographics.

In addition to that, the latest feature of Instagram Reels has made it one of the best platforms to engage audiences by sharing short videos of products, services, and important business insights because it arouses customers’ interest the most.

  1.   Twitter

With 345.3 million active users in 2022, Twitter still secures the place of top social media channels for brand promotion, making new leads, and nurturing existing customers.  

  1.   YouTube

YouTube is next on the list of emerging social media channels, with 2.5 billion active users. Video marketing is in demand owing to the booming interest of customers for podcasts and long and short videos. The latest feature of releasing shorts has proliferated its value, making YouTube a competitor of TikTok. It also enables customers to connect via the comment section.

  1.   Snapchat

With 493.7 million users, Snapchat secures a place among the top social media channels for business marketing. Some businesses do not see this platform as quite impressive for marketing, but the feature of sharing real-time experiences via pictures and short videos still engages users from around the world.

  1.   TikTok

Most of you must already be familiar with the influence TikTok has on the general public. With over a billion users, it is one of the most popular social media channels targeting millennials and gen Z with short-form videos. It is also a gateway to collaborating with influencers and expanding your business reach.

  1.   LinkedIn

LinkedIn holds the top position for marketing in terms of professionalism. It is a thriving platform for businesses and workers to connect on a professional level.

Statistics Of Most Used Social Media Platforms In 2022

Before Covid-19, the average time spent on social media was 58.8 minutes per day, according to researchers, which increased to 65 minutes during the pandemic in 2020. The increase in social media usage is directly proportional to more chances to connect with customers and engage new leads.

The popular phrase “old is gold” perfectly suits Facebook making it one of the most popular platforms among other social media channels still today. With 25% of people preferring Facebook compared to other channels, according to HubSpot blog research, marketers are still leveraging this social media app to get quality leads.

TikTok has been a money-making machine for businesses since its launch. The short-form video feature is the leading reason for it becoming the most used platform by marketers, with 52% planning to increase their investment in this channel. Likewise, 26% of marketers are still leveraging this channel in 2022 and reaping the benefits, and 42% claimed to earn high ROI, according to HubSpot Blog Research.  

When talking about emerging platforms, how can YouTube shots stay out of the list? With people being fans of short-form videos, YouTube shorts have become a TikTok competitor, with 83% of marketers increasing investment in YouTube shots.

The key takeaway is that marketers are planning to invest more in short-form videos and audio as they offer the best ROI, followed by live streaming and live videos.

Choose The Best Social Media Channel For Your Business

Choosing the best platform from the aforementioned social media channels is a hard job to deal with, and there is no clear-cut answer. The choice mainly depends on the demographics. Where TikTok targets the younger generation the most, Facebook prey on the general public, and workers scored a bullseye for LinkedIn. 

However, hiring renowned digital marketing experts like Zoom Digital can help with the cause. By choosing the most suitable platform as per your needs, we help to build a strong online presence and generate perfect ROI as connecting and engaging with targeting audiences on various social media platforms is our priority.  

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