How to Use YouTube for Marketing your Business?

How to Use YouTube for Marketing your Business?

December 30, 2022

Many believe that Facebook has always been the first choice of businesses to promote their offerings when it comes to social media marketing. However, the latest updates say otherwise. Recently, we got to know that YouTube is becoming the new norm, with 14.3 billion monthly visitors.

Despite the mind-blowing retention, many entrepreneurs are hesitant to turn towards it. This hesitancy stems from the fact that they believe they might be starfish in the world of blue whales. In simple words, a novice in the world of experience.

However, not many are aware of the fact that most watched videos aren’t professionally produced. So, yes, it’s safe to say that YouTube for business marketing has a lot of potential for you.

Benefits of Using YouTube for Business Marketing 

YouTube is about more than just getting numerous views for your videos; it’s good for SEO and global visibility.

With that said, it’s time to dig into all the potential benefits that it brings to your table:

  1. Increase the Visibility of your Brand 

The main benefit of using YouTube for business marketing is that it brings an actionable audience. However, for this to happen, you need to optimise your videos. This is where adding relevant keywords in the title and description comes to the picture.

After exploring your promotional content on YouTube, leads might visit your website to learn more about your services. Remember that videos that stay on the top of search engines are more likely to steal all the limelight. 

  1. Connects you with Global Audience 

As YouTube is an international platform, it empowers brands to connect with new geographies.  So, besides the local audience, your YouTube channel will bring global leads if optimised correctly.

  1. Helps Promote your Brand 

Unlike other social platforms, YouTube helps you build brand authority and promote your offerings. Featuring life-changing products isn’t enough, but trust-worthy branding is equally important.

When you have a credible brand that is trusted by many, you don’t have to worry about putting your best forward. Whichever turn you take, it’ll lead you to desirable results. You can do the same by spreading awareness about your brand first, followed by a marketing strategy for your services.

YouTube for Business Marketing –  Where to Start?

Marketing on YouTube is to advertise your products and services by creating video content and posting them on the brand’s YouTube channel. Just like Facebook allows you to run ads as a marketing campaign, YouTube has a different mindset for promotional strategies. 

If you need help reaching new customers and increasing your website’s traffic or brand awareness, it’s time to opt for YouTube for business marketing. Where do you start? We’re here to assist you with everything from video production to SEO. In a nutshell, you’ll learn everything to make a successful marketing strategy. 

Top Ways to Utilise YouTube for Business Marketing 

With a delightful blend of appealing content and videos, there are three ways a marketer utilises YouTube for business marketing.

  • Creative Videos 

Since YouTube is primarily a video hosting platform, the key to success is to publish high-quality visuals. If you need more producing and engaging content accompanying the media, you must hire a professional copywriter. 

  • Partnership with Influencers

There’s a good reason why brands spent over $600 million on advertising last year. It’s because they’ve understood the significance of working with successful content creators, resulting in increased brand authority and lead generation.

  • Video Ads 

You must have seen sponsored videos on YouTube while looking for the video you’re searching for. These videos appear on your feed as advertisements.


So, one way to get noticed on YouTube is to run a video ad. Statistics reveal that around 70% of customers buy a product after watching it on YouTube. That’s why video ads are important for escalating your client retention rate. 

Top 10 Steps For Creating a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

First things first, starting on YouTube for business marketing needs an account. Since it’s a part of Google, you need to make a Google account to sign up for YouTube. You can use an existing one, but we suggest preparing a new account with business details.

The prime reason to run a YouTube channel with a business account is the best practice. Firstly, a business account is all business, so your staff can’t take it for granted. More importantly, it allows you to expand your business by connecting with well-known influencers. 

Now that you have an account, these are the other steps you need to follow to create a successful YouTube marketing strategy:

Step # 1- Set Up Your YouTube Marketing Strategy Goals

Preparing a checklist for your business strategy will help you achieve the desired results. Here’s what your goals would be.

  • Improving brand awareness and engagement 
  • Creating more leads and conversions
  • Improving sales

Keeping your business objectives in place will help you select the right videos for your channel.

Step # 2- Identify your Target Audience 

Before making videos, you must identify your YouTube demographics. It’s important to explore your target audience, including their location, age, and choices. Only then you’ll be able to generate content that will draw them. By this, we don’t mean to reinvent the wheel but do your research and create with uniqueness. 

Seek the perspectives and preferences of users seeking solutions to their problems and how your product can help them. Find out what type of videos your competitors are making and if they’ve many views, comments, and like ratio. In short, determine what is working for them, and bring leads.

Step # 3- Create a Promotional Video 

While you can create content without using professional equipment, we wouldn’t recommend doing so.

The reason is that you need to create a great impression on your audience. And for this, everything needs to be perfect. Right from the background music to sound effects and visuals.

So, get professional equipment and create a promotional video. It should clearly demonstrate your brand’s message. The content should be enticing and engaging for the audience. Only then will it help you get noticed. 

As for the video length, it must be at least 3 to 4 minutes long. However, shorter reels are more productive these days. 

Step # 4- Add an Impressive Call to Action (CTA) 

The whole idea of using YouTube for business marketing is to attract viewers who have the potential to join your customer’s bandwagon.

Unlike traditional ways, you can’t directly sell something on YouTube. But you’re gathering leads to promote your services regularly. You must make a way out to get their email address or contact number. YouTube also allows adding overlay texts in your videos so that you may utilise them for CTA. 

Here’s a rundown of the most profitable calls to action. 

  • Please rate this video
  • Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter 
  • Subscribe to our channel for more amazing content. 
  • Visit my blog; I’ve provided the link in the description. 
  • I’ll be waiting for your reviews in the comment section below. 
  • Share this video with your friends if you like my message. 
  • Check out more about us on our website. 

Step # 5- Keywords are Game-Changer 

Now that you’ve made a video on YouTube for business marketing, it’s time to add the relevant keywords.

For the uninitiated, keywords are the phrases that help the users to access your videos, and that’s why you need to include them in the title, description, and hashtags. 

We suggest you look at your competitors and see which hashtags they’ve opted for. See if their videos get views and applause from their audiences, and apply the same tags for your videos. As a result, it’ll increase the likelihood of your video being listed under “suggestions.”

Step # 6- Partner with Influencers on YouTube

As mentioned earlier, your business will have great growth potential when partnered with popular influencers. However, remember that you can only contact an influencer in your niche.

For example, you can’t expect beauticians to advertise and review your tech gadgets. As for influencer marketing, we have a few ideas for you. 

  • Unboxing videos
  • Product reviews
  • Guiding tutorials
  • Contest and Giveaways

Step # 7- Experiment with YouTube Shorts 

YouTube shorts is the latest feature that lets you leverage the power of short-form videos. Since it’s mobile-friendly, the entire viewing period becomes seamless for viewers. You can utilise YouTube Shorts to reach youngsters who can’t get away from their smartphones.

Begin with shooting up to 60 seconds in vertical format, and innovatively use the built-in audio, filters, and texts to make your visuals stand out.

Step # 8 – Promote your Videos on Social Platforms 

You can’t wait for the visitors to come to you after posting your brand’s video only on YouTube. It’s important to spread the word that you exist on YouTube. But how will you do that? Post the link on your website, in the blog section, and send a link out on Twitter and to your subscribers via emails.

Since you can’t rely on only a single network, you need to establish your other social platforms side-by-side. However, first, you should contact your potential prospects and customers since they’re directly connected to you.

Step # 10- Learn Along the Way!  

Upon starting to use YouTube for business marketing, no one expects you to become a perfect online marketer. It’s a learning process that will certainly take time. You’ll improve at filming and refining the styles and formatting as you create more videos. Also, you’ll learn keyword research, which is a pivotal component to getting visibility. 

Since consistency is the key, you need to post content regularly so the customers remember you. Over time, your channel will grow with proficiency in targeting the right audience.

Ending Thought 

Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the most sought-after social platforms for branding and selling. With millions of end-users seeking informative videos, the application offers marketers a golden chance to connect to their audiences. That’s why Zoom Digital is here to take over all the YouTube for business marketing hassles of your business. Let’s connect today!

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