TikTok For Business: TikTok Marketing Strategy Tips

TikTok For Business: TikTok Marketing Strategy Tips

March 17, 2022

Tiktok is everywhere. From influences to kids to adults and digital marketers as well, everyone is using this app for various purposes. It is believed that over 700 million people make use of TikTok every month, while there have been more than 2 billion downloads of this app.

Tiktok, undoubtedly, stands out in the last 3 years as one of the most demanding apps worldwide while turning out to be highly impactful in the social media marketing in 2022.

How Influential is TikTok?

  • Generation Z and Young millennials are consistently inclined towards TikTok. And statistics reveal that almost 90% of all TikTokers use the app every single day.
  • Its quickly addictive and adaptive quality helps users stay connected on this app.
  • In terms of user behaviour, every month 68% of TikTokers love to see other videos, whereas 55% are inclined towards uploading their own videos.

What is the Use of TikTok?

TikTok has proved itself as a well-known platform for entertaining content, as it is revealed from the 2 most famous hashtags of TikTok – #dance and #entertainment.

Numerous other extremely outstanding types on the app comprise fitness, comedy, pranks, luxury, lifestyle, house, Do-It-Yourself, glamour and skincare, style, procedures and baking, quick hacks, defence, security, consultation, and animals. 

How TikTok Works? 

  • TikTok offers its users the opportunity to broadcast brief videos of a duration of 3 minutes at max. However, as per recent reports, the app has started to roll out a new update, which will allow users to upload a video of maximum 10 minutes.
  • The enormous asset of TikTok is the big ocean of music collections. TikTok’s musical library comprises content produced by users themselves. This content showcases popular sounds integrated with a massive array of effects that can creatively be co-created to videos.
  • Many times, trending sounds and effects lead to videos going viral. Hashtags can also be used by content creators to make their videos evidently visible to massive audiences at large.
  • The most incredible feature that sets TikTok apart from the other social media platforms is the “for you page”, also known as the ‘FYP’. The ‘FYP’ is a continuous stream of videos from TikTokers where the TikTok algorithm puts forward displays of the videos based on past engagement.

How can marketers use TikTok marketing?  

There are three critical ways that marketing professionals can proceed using TikTok:

1. Begin with A Well-Branded Channel

To start with, develop a branded channel and upload different forms of content types. Tiktok content can be developed very creatively in a very short period without any cost.

A great practice will be to follow the relevant (and trending) hashtags and let your creations be mingled up with the most trending memes. Make sure to relate them all with your brand.

You may also make the best use of the app’s filters, soundbites, effects, as well as editing tools to create some unique and original content.

The organic power of content on TikTok is massively high, but this powerful engagement is only empowered if your creation truly reverberates with your followers.

2. Get Empowered with Influencers Collaboration

Collaborating with influencers can put your business at the forefront of your prospects. Influencer partnering incorporates broadcasting live content that expands your business making it appealing to its followers. 

TikTok is integrated with the ‘Creator Marketplace’, which helps you to explore influencers by your budget and related to your industry.

3. Make the Most of Paid Ads

TikTok paid ads can help you to enhance your reach to the maximum. The most popular paid ads available includes:

  • Brand takeover adverts.
  • In-feed ads that appear in between videos.
  • Branded hashtags that promote user-generated content.
  • Branded effects that help businesses to create their self-customised filter.
  • Top view adverts, which are ads being shown right at the top of the for you page just after 3 seconds from the moment the app is opened.

What Is the Future of TikTok?

The year 2022 is set to be the most interesting year for TikTok, attracting over one billion users globally all around the year and with the power of potentially captivating 1.2 billion users.

Does Your Business Need TikTok Marketing? 

TikTok is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity for all businesses to stand out and gain a competitive edge with deep brand penetration. This platform gives you the genuine opportunity for rising organic growth that is not supported by other apps.

However, even though the platform is increasingly growing more and more prominent with people of all ages, the primary users of TikTok are generally under 30. Also, it is most effective in the case if your business is of B2C nature.

So, if you do believe TikTok is the right platform to market your brand, do not hesitate to connect with our social media experts. We will make impeccable strategies for your business, which will help it stand out from the crowd.

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