What is Guest Posting in SEO? A Detailed Guide

What is Guest Posting in SEO? A Detailed Guide

December 26, 2022

When it comes to broadening the horizons of your online business or website, associating with an already successful website does speed up the process. And this is what guest posting helps you with. As the name suggests, guest posting invites you as a guest on someone else’s website.

Before delving deeper into the benefits of guest posting, let’s meditate on the criteria and how it’s done. 

What is Guest Posting in SEO, and How to do it? 

As mentioned, guest posting includes when a writer/author curates content under their name on someone else’s blog. Surprisingly, guest posts can make you gain a lot of exposure quickly. Still, there’s a lot of hard work to do. Didn’t get the latter part? Keep reading!

Guest posting is meant to build you as an authority in your field and grant the readers a reason to choose you over others. Remember, your goal isn’t only to amuse readers and make them follow up on your content and you. But to make that happen, you must create actionable, high-quality content that’s generic and not too self-promotional. You can hire guest blogging services for this purpose as well.

Experts say an ideal guest post is always editorial, not advertorial. Whichever blog you’re writing for, keep your and the blogger’s target audience in mind. Although it doesn’t have to be identical, they must at least overlap. Otherwise, what’s the point in writing a guest post that doesn’t benefit you or the blogger?

Benefits of Guest Posting for your Website’s SEO

Now that you’ve perceived the purpose of guest posts, let’s acknowledge all the benefits it brings to your profile:


  • Help Increase the Number of Backlinks 

When you post a guest blog on someone else’s website, you can backlink to your website in your author’s bio or the content’s body. It helps boost the number of exclusive backlinks highlighting your domain and web pages, which is a top factor in anticipating your search engine ranking.


  • Skyrocket your Website’s Authority 

Guest posting on your niche-related topics helps you link them back to relevant web pages on your website. As a result, your domain’s authority increases. This leads to making your content more authoritative for readers. However, the other benefit is attracting Google’s attention with specific keywords that will help you rank.


  • Brings Traffic to your Website Organically 

Do you know end-users who click on your links on a guest post are more likely to get converted to customers? It’s because they’re enticed by your post, which lights up their interest in getting what you’ve to offer.


So when you’ve built authority among the competitors, it’s easier to grab organic traffic. Whether it’s Yahoo, Bing, or Google, guest posts help drive visitors to your web without needing to run any advertising campaigns.


  • Improves Brand Visibility 

Guest posting for well-known websites means putting up your profile for a larger audience, ultimately leading to more traffic and customers. Do you see any better way to create brand awareness and reach than to write guest posts? Probably not, and that’s why making strong connections in the industry is vital..


  • Keep the Readers Engaged for a Long Time

One of the main benefits of guest blogging is that it helps keep your readers engaged for a longer period. 


Let’s be honest; we all are guilty of failing to stick to a fixed routine and have grown tired of the same old stuff. In this regard, guest posting is an ideal way to keep the readers engaged with the latest data and luring details. And don’t forget the promotional boost that appears when your guest bloggers share the articles within their networks. Moreover, featuring guest posts makes you deliver new perspectives and fresh content to your audience.


Now that you know what is guest blogging for SEO and what are its benefits, let’s proceed further and learn how to write a guest blog post.

Things to Remember when Creating a Successful Guest Post That Ranks  

Almost any writer can post guest posts, but only a handful can write quality content that brings traffic.

Simply put, quality content must be on-topic, helpful, and well-written to generate the desired traffic. That’s why it’s worth hiring a professional writer; it needs perfection and consistency.

Coming back to the topic, how to write a guest blog post that attracts readers and search engines? Let’s determine.

  • Determine your Guest Posting Goals 

This is the first milestone to prepare a strategy for your guest posting goals. You can only expect your website to rank among like-minded blogs with these. In addition, no one will want to collaborate with you if you have an unimpressive and unsure business mind.

So, you must prioritize your and the blog’s readership and generate content accordingly. After all, the sole focus is to invite the visitor to your channel. To your knowledge, some of the most common SEO goals are.

  • Generating backlinks to your websites. 
  • Boosting brand awareness.
  • Building leads and sales. 
  • Attracting new visitors to your platform.

Once you’ve streamlined your objectives, it’s time to find guest post opportunities that will help you rank.  

  • Find Successful Guest Post Opportunities 

The second step is as crucial as it’s daunting to find an already triumphant blog that invites you wholeheartedly. Manu people wonder how to find guest posting sites. But don’t worry, as we’ll make it simple for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Begin with online research for websites that accept your guest posts. 
  • Only contact websites/blogs that relate to your industry. 
  • Connect with popular influencers and ask if they’re interested in receiving guest posts from you. 
  • Check the backlinks of competitors’ websites and try to get a guest post on the same sites.

After you’ve found a few websites as guest post opportunities, you need to show why they’re a good fit. Then, you should send them a guest post pitch. Make sure the pitch you are sending them is perfect. There are many tutorials available that can help you if you are wondering how to write a guest post pitch.

  • Things to Look for in Guest Blogging Sites 

Before pitching a guest post idea to any website, you must confirm the reputation and authority of the website. It must have a considerate flow of subscribers and visitors so that you may predict the exclusiveness of its publishing.

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to look for. 

  • The website must have valuable domain authority. 
  • The content must be well-written and informative throughout the website. 
  • The website must have a substantial amount of traffic. 
  • You must avoid a blog solely created for guest post submission. For instance, if every article has obvious outbound links, it’s built only to sell links. 

If you find a website that meets all the above-mentioned criteria, consider pitching your ideas and connection to it. You can also hire guest post outreach service providers who will help you get connected with top-rated websites.

  • Write for their Audience 

A competent guest post writer knows the blogger’s target audience and how to engage them directly. As every successful book speaks directly to the readers, highlighting their pain points, struggles, and needs, the same idea must also be implemented in the guest posts since you’re not writing to the void. If you were, you better be making notes in a diary.

Also, your content will resonate more powerfully only if you provide value to the blog owner’s audience. Many SEO guest posting service providers also offer writing services. You can connect with them. 

  • Pay Attention to their Branding

Every blog has a niche, and every blogger owns a brand. Remember, the best guest posts are the ones that align with the blogger’s brand. In other words, your content must help them in expanding their message. Besides the fact that your post fits in the blog’s tone, avoid jumping into complexity if the site features a light-hearted and humorous perspective. 

Whenever you begin writing a guest post, prioritize the context. Think about what can be your best foot forward in this scenario. However, just be yourself, but it shouldn’t exempt you from aligning the content with the branding. 

  • Provide Actionable Content 

Giving your readers a 360-degree view of the topic isn’t enough but emerges with something tangible and actionable. Consequently, they will start applying the tactics they learned from your article.

The more practical value they can take away, the more frequently they’ll recall you. So, you’ll be at the top of their minds when they use your strategies to hook a new client or make their life easier. After all, human nature is to bend towards someone more likely to give constant reminders of their excellent services.

  • Include Internal SEO Links 

Bloggers are more likely to choose you if you’re helping them improve their SEO. A great way to do that is to include internal links published on the website. Internal linking is more than just a way to connect to the website and gives search engines an idea of the blog’s structure.

Ultimately, it helps establish a hierarchy, giving the most pivotal posts more linkage value. Upon including internal links, you’re also inviting readers to deep swim into the blog, improving the blog’s metrics.

  • Add Relevant Images 

When a blogger grants you space on their platform for guest posting, you must free them from doing the extra work. By this, we meant to provide them with a ready-made post filled with every necessary detail, including the images.

In this regard, images must be high-quality and professional.  It means you’ve to avoid working with low-quality and blurry photographs. 

Apart from the visuals, you must create an impactful image name for SEO. For instance, if your post is supposed to create an efficient meeting agenda, and you’ve added images featuring conference halls, prefer adding the word “meeting” in the title.

  • Be a Guest writer, not a Ghostwriter

Every blogger will expect you to bring a unique solution, expertise, or story to engage readers. And that’s what guest writers must do, unlike ghostwriters. As per experts,  trying to fit into the context is good, but ensuring that you’re on the right path is even better. Authenticity goes a long way when it comes to curating effective guest posts.

  •  End it with a Killer Byline 

Lastly, you’ll get a chance to say about your services and give readers a call to action (CTA), so strive to make it right. With that said, a professional guest post writer always puts in the effort to make a killer byline. It may include an outline about your services and how readers can approach you, a CTA. Although it might not be your most prestigious achievement, it can certainly make a difference. 

When considering the audience, think about it.

  • How can you appeal to the readers to learn more about you?
  • How to impress them with your content?
  • How to showcase the value and success of your content?
  • How many end-users have you already helped with your work? 
  • How to display the initials of other publications you’ve worked/ written for?

The Takeaway

Since Google has updated the requirements for SEO, it’s hard for blogs to rank themselves higher. In this regard, guest posting can influence your next digital marketing strategy. Since it increases exposure, builds authority, and helps back-linking, ranking at the top is no longer a hassle.

So, if you’re still juggling over ranking with guest posting, prefer connecting with Zoom Digital to get the best solutions to your struggles. 

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