What is Visual Commerce? Is it Vital for e-Commerce Brands?

What is Visual Commerce? Is it Vital for e-Commerce Brands?

March 25, 2022

Statistics reveal that 67% of customers claim that high-resolution visuals are far more impactful than text-based product explanations or user ratings. 85% of all web traffic is already thriving on video in 2022. Moreover, online customers who watch videos are 1.8x more tempted to buy than non-watchers. While showcasing videos on the website, retailers claim a 40% boost in overall purchases.

All these statistics show that it’s the era of visual commerce and the need of the hour for e-commerce businesses to capitalise on this trend.

So, how can you get started making most of the visual commerce magic to your own business’s benefit? Let’s find out

What is Visual Commerce?

  • Visual commerce is a cover term that unfolds all the possibilities which a brand can utilise: images, visuals & even augmented reality to assist buyers in understanding and engaging with their products and/or services.

It is an incredible concept of enhancing user experience with impactful, convincing, and alluring visual content. The magic of visual commerce encourages customers to interact with the offering and be brand loyal.

Why is Visual Commerce So Important?

The toughest challenge you may encounter as an online retailer is the lack of touch and feel element. Your prospects can’t feel your merchandise or catch a close glimpse of it.

This adds greater delays and uncertainties in your prospect’s decision-making process – and they have to invest more time before actually investing their money in making a purchase.

It is one of the most obvious reasons why professionally refined Instagram-like UGC images boost conversion rates to 25% over organic images.

  • With e-commerce turning out to be a growingly occupied online space, your potential prospects must be facilitated to examine your product to the farthest level. This is where visual commerce can help you. You can do this through visual images of your offering, creatively designed videos, 360-degree views revealing how your product appears in 3D dimension, or even a combination of all.

In addition to that, enhancing social proof (via happy customer testimonials or reviews) can undoubtedly help you sell much more by positively impacting customer behaviour.

Why is Visual Commerce Important for E-commerce Businesses?

Nowadays, online brands are undoubtedly making more and more investments in creating engaging visuals on their landing pages.

The main aim is to display their products and/or services that can entice, indulge and change the potential prospects into customers.

Let’s explore how visual commerce can help to execute winning brand sales with the least monetary investments and why it is so much important for your e-commerce business to successfully attain profitable outcomes:

  • Boost Customer Interaction by Pomp & Show of Visual Content

According to the latest research, the most fascinating and captivating visuals achieve 94% increased views than the average visuals.

Consumers are relatively spending a much lesser chunk of their time on buying the merchandise from a brick-and-mortar store. This implies that they mainly rely on the data furnished by the brand or the product’s pre-existing users. This is just to understand if the brand can perfectly match their buying standards.

Brands can establish shoppable social media galleries such as shoppable posts on Facebook or other Shoppable UGC galleries by integrating high-end feeds from the digital footprint.

  • Boost E-commerce Performance

Visual e-commerce can help create a point of differentiation between brands. When you have created a visual e-commerce technique that incorporates your company’s USP, it can significantly impact the consumer’s decisions.

  • Influential Marketing with Visual UGC

As per research, 92.9% of the consumers discovered UGC visuals extremely effective while making their buying decisions. Moreover, UGC is a tremendous marketing tool working best on the principle of word-of-mouth.

One can gather as well refine customer-created content from numerous social media forums. It builds confidence, develops trustworthiness, motivates customers, and pulls conversions by visual UGC.

  • Improved Conversion Rate

Visual commerce supports e-commerce businesses to improve their engagement rate, sales volume, and expansion in the eCommerce market.

  • Budget-friendly Means to Win Customer Trust

By exhibiting visual content on their websites, especially videos, companies have reported a 40% boost in their overall sales.

So, it is safe to say that making visual commerce is one of the most cost-effective means to gather users’ trust. All you need to do is capitalise on a visual commerce forum that will enable you to develop shop-worthy post galleries and transform your website into a visual e-commerce one.

  • Give Life to Your Website

Your business’s website can greatly impact the buyer’s decision. Therefore, it should be creative, highly engaging, and have an appealing design. Revamping the landing pages with the most attractive and interactive visual content, such as eCommerce shoppable galleries, can capture more and more customers.

While doing this, it will keep enticing users to continue discovering more and more about the business products/services, thereby improving the chances of lead generation.

In a nutshell, visual commerce can greatly benefit your business in a lot of ways like lead generation. Find out more about how it can enhance your business by contacting Zoom Digital. We are here to boost your profits with the magical wand of the visual world.

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