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  • 3 Reasons You Need to Use Blogging for Lead Generation

3 Reasons You Need to Use Blogging for Lead Generation

November 18, 2021

Leads are the lifeblood of a business.

There is a vast array of lead generation strategies, such as email marketing and social media marketing, but the most leading tactic is content marketing – especially, blogging.

Statistics show that businesses with a well-run blog generate 75% more leads per month as compared to those that do not have one. Moreover, small businesses having a successful blog get game-changing growth than those that don’t!

This blog post will enlighten you on the top 3 reasons why you need to use blogging for lead generation:

Blogging Convinces Your Visitors to Convert

Blogging is used by millions of businesses for their digital marketing strategy. Why not? It provides rewarding value to the reader – and that rewarding value compels them to convert. However, you need to entail some well-framed and greatly-placed calls to action throughout your blog, such as:

  • Include calls to action to related blog posts intensifying how your products/services can help them accomplish their goals or fill their desires and need.
  • Convey that they can sign up for your email newsletter to receive more content right away in their inbox.
  • Route and connect your visitors to your landing pages to get them to fill out your forms.

Outstanding content always stands out your value and knowledge. An incredible blog that is consistent with both the regularity as well as the quality of the blog posts can also support building your credibility as a thought leader in your domain.

Blogging Drives Targeted Traffic to your Website

Blogging offers people a great reason to come to your website, regardless your brand is impactful or not!

Your business’s presence on the web doesn’t really offer much value to potential users unless they are already aware of your business. Inbound marketing methods, such as business blogging, generate leads that cost on average 69 per cent less than leads produced via outbound methods (such as cold calling).

In addition, there is a multitude of opportunities that you can promote on diversified digital channels. On the other hand, by means of a great blog, you have something to promote. You offer users a logical reason to visit your website – to see, read, download, or buy whatever your website offers.

Remember that blogging not just drives extra traffic, it also helps your visitors stay engaged for longer and offers them a reason to recursively visit your website and, convert if they develop credibility with your website and your offering. It also supersedes your SEO; people make millions of searches every day.

So, if you want to feature in these search results and receive more organic traffic, then you want to develop well-optimized & well-targeted content.

Blogging Stands Out as Most Cost-effective Strategy in Long-term

Blogging is an extremely cost-effective strategy as it drives results in the long term. Even a single good blog post can be game-changing in terms of driving traffic along with leads, for months, even many years, to come.

So always strive to create all-season content (content that remains related over years with just minor tweaks).

We hope that you are now convinced of the three main benefits of using blogging for business and lead generation – and that it is really one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for businesses.

Contact Zoom Digital for quality digital content marketing and blog posts that will continue to drive lasting results.

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