How to Know It’s Time to Rebrand?

How to Know It’s Time to Rebrand?

March 10, 2022

With constantly evolving markets, it has become the need of the hour to adapt and evolve at all times. However, the right time to rebrand a business is very hard to identify. The process being tough doesn’t help either.

In this article, we’re going to discuss tell-tale signs that it’s time you should consider rebranding your business. But before that, let’s find out what rebranding actually is:

What Rebranding Is All About?

Rebranding incorporates revolutionizing the inner and outer face of your brand. At times, it is just all about transforming your brand logo, modernizing your color palette, and revamping prevailing collateral.

Additionally, rebranding refers to exclusively refurbishing your company’s identity. When carried well, it can give a completely new fresh face to your exhausted brand.

What Is the Right Time to Rebrand Your Business?

Let us learn more about some widespread indicators that might point out the right time to rebrand:

The Brand Is No More Functional

If your brand is struggling for its survival, never opt for the partial rebrand which follows the same failing path. As stated above, rebranding can be quite difficult. However, in many cases, it can turn out to be genuinely rewarding as it will give your company a new and refreshing brand image.

Your Customers Are Staying Away

This is another visible sign that rebrand is required. If your customers don’t visualise what sets your company ahead of the competition, this might give them an impression that you are also one of the stereotyped businesses. Therefore, they may drop you in their decision-making phase. With the help of rebranding, you can actually tell them what sets you apart from the rest of the companies and attract their attention. This might result in more lead generation and a subsequent increase in sales.

The Existing Branding Message has become Out-dated

With time, as your existing brand message becomes obsolete, it becomes very important to stay updated by revamping and updating your visuals all over. Take into account your target audience, market trends, and many other factors for rebranding purposes.

Your Mission & Vision Statements Need Update

Most businesses think they have a perfect vision and mission that leads their business strategies. There are just a handful of companies that go beyond this taught.

We cannot hope from people to take your business’s values on a serious note if your actions are not speaking louder than words. In this scenario, rebranding is the perfect solution.

Your Identity Is Confused with Your Competitor

With different options available to the customers, your potential prospects can get confused by related brands. Rebranding can also help you stand out from competitors in your industry, which can be crucial for expanding market share by appealing to different kinds of customers.

Possibility of Acquisition or Merger

An acquisition is a big leap forward in terms of business growth. A merger with another reputable organisation can help your business to grow and prosper. However, both these events require rebranding. You need to tell your customers the big leap you’re taking and this can be achieved through rebranding. The message should be loud and clear!

You Are Introducing New Service or Product

Rebranding is the need of the hour if you are coming up with a new product or service. In the case you are going to target a niche market with your new offers, rebranding will support you to portray the improved scope of your company.

Your Company Is Growing Internationally

Carrying a brand identity that fits your business is undoubtedly an essential element of success. It reflects how people conceive your business on an international scale. It even heightens the possibility of your customers staying loyal and well-connected to your brand.

Going for rebranding in the international market needs a deep knowledge of cultural design & logo preferences and brand messaging. With a proper investment of time to research, you can work out the kind of visuals as well as graphics that works in the best combinations for you.

To Transform Negative Business Perceptions

A rebranding strategy can greatly fight against the bad public image. It enables you to present your brand in incredibly new ways. These negative customer impressions are transformed through creative messaging and reframing your identity about what your brand is and what your business idea is all about.

You are Planning to Create Brand Differentiation

Customers may not find any uniqueness in your brand and stay ignorant about your products and services at all. This can be due to the fact that your brand does not sound unique from your immediate competitors.

So, with the help of brand differentiation, you can spread the name of your brand through creative rebranding strategies. With the help of these strategies, you can thoroughly revitalize your brand for a completely new generation and come out from the distressing brand ignorance of the past.

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