How to Manage Online Customer Reviews

How to Manage Online Customer Reviews

February 28, 2022

Desperate to earn positive customer feedback? This blog will help you earn great customer reviews for you to win laurels.

Online customer reviews can be both blessing and a curse. A study reveals that customers wish to invest more than 30% with brands with high-rated customer reviews. On the other hand, 95% claim that a negative review pushes them to abandon a brand.

In this article, we have outlined some high-end best practices in support of customer review management, which also describe the importance of responding to reviews and ways to receive top-rated applauds online. Continue reading to know more!

Update Your Businesses on Review Sites

Make sure that you fully maintain your business accounts on review sites to offer customers a handy opportunity of experiencing your brand.

In case your business accounts are already well maintained, then ensure that your company information is well portrayed and contact credentials are well updated.

Ensure Quality Responses

To ensure quality responses, choose a credible dedicated resource having traits such as:

  • Incredible communication skills
  • An optimistic customer service attitude
  • A factual point of view not offended by an unfavorable review
  • A dedicated personal to resolve the customer’s problems.
  • Firm decision-making skills for sharing reviews to top management

Respond & Monitor Customers Online

Research reveals that 55 % of users want company representatives to respond to their online mentions in 7 days, whereas not answering back at all can boost your customer attrition rate to go up to 15 %.

Some notable and openly accessible brand monitoring tools and sites that you must try notably includes Board Reader, Social Mention and Google Alerts.

Make Optimal Use of Testimonials as Digital Footprint

Generally, people follow feedback from other people based on word of mouth—referred to as social proof.

Testimonials and online user reviews are extremely powerful means of social proof.

So, in the case you showcase your high-rated online reviews at the right time in the right place, there are great chances that you will build incredible consumer trust, captivate a large number of potential prospects to your business, and celebrate a high threshold of market growth.

Acknowledge Positive Reviews (5 stars Ratings)

One of the great practices is to answer back to top-rated reviews, so your potential users feel encouraged by your compliments that may ultimately support you in upgrading your Google rank.

While responding, keep your responses précised and positive. Compliment your consumer for good feedback and ensure your lifelong loyalty to them.

For instance, your positive feedback may be drafted as below:

“Dear (User), Thank you for the positive feedback! We are truly delighted to listen to such an outstanding review, as delivering high quality is our top priority. We look forward to staying connected!”

Do Not Ignore Negative Customer Feedback

Humanize your business simply by empathizing with the dissatisfied customer offering them a decent solution.

Your conversational tone while addressing the negative feedback should be professional as well as personalized. When we say personalized, we refer to the idea of addressing customers with their names. This will give them a feeling of individual attention and personalized care being offered.

Make sure that the solution you offer must carry the practical implication of your consumer’s problems and you must not omit to offer gratitude for sharing negative feedback to the unsatisfied reviewer.

Monitor your online progress with tools offering updates every time your reviewer endorses or remarks on your brand. This will serve as a great help in evaluating negative reviews leading to massive improvement in business strategy as well as your brand.

Control Fake Customer Reviews

Fake reviews can be truly dangerous as same as negative feedback. However, by identifying the common traits of fake online reviews, you will be able to get rid of these very smoothly.

To help you control them, we have listed some common signs of fake reviews:

  • Fake reviews do not contain authentic details.
  • Fake reviews make extensive use of verbs.
  • Fake reviews make use of lots of first-person pronouns such as “I” or “me” to sound sincere.
  • Fake reviews usually carry a 1 or 5 rating.
  • The reviewer submitting fake reviews has either no history at all or generally, has a record of submitting numerous reviews in different styles and tones, adopting different mediums and languages.

So how you must deal with fake reviews?

  • Respond publicly so that your potential prospects witness your confidence in your brand.
  • Captivate exceeding positive feedback
  • Try to delete the fake review (an ideal scenario)
  • Hold, wait and then process instead of reacting right away.

Attain More & More Positive Customer Reviews

A very practical and handy approach to increase your positive customer feedback to manifolds is to obtain more and more of them in a row. Not just that your consumer reviews are used as an important source of data for boosting your service, they also take your level of communication to the next level. Of course, the more positive reviews you receive, the greater the benefit you will obtain. 

A steady stream of quality reviews is essential for your reputation, search engine rankings, and business revenue. Need some help? The team at Zoom Digital will work with you to transform your digital presence—from developing strategies that entice customers to leave quality reviews to providing you with the tools needed to monitor engagement online. And that’s just the beginning! Contact us today to start a conversation.

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