4 Handy Tips to Market Yourself on Social Media

4 Handy Tips to Market Yourself on Social Media

August 16, 2021

Do you know that of all adults, about 75% use social media? Interesting right!

Now here’s another fact:

An average social media user spends about 3 hours per day on social media!

Now, we don’t think we need to convince ourselves how powerful social media is. With this growing mode of social media, it has indeed become the fastest-expanding platform, even grown much faster than the internet itself.

There are almost 4 billion people on social media, who have an average of almost 6-9 social media profiles.

Don’t you think that with such extensive use, social media platforms provide a worthy marketing opportunity?

However, with emerging trends, new platforms, and new channels appearing online all the time, it’s pretty challenging than ever to remain on the top.

By a good chance, there are some mainstays that aid us to drive through the tricky social media tactics. While keeping in mind these basics, it will surely make marketing on social media far more easy, even fun.

Once the visitor is on your social media, you have a chance to connect with them and channelize them into your leads, subscribers or even your customers!

However, ask yourself this question first:

Which social media platform is best for catching up with my target audience?

Is my audience using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or a combination?

Here are some common areas to keep in mind:

  • Facebook allows longer posts, enabling us to catch a crowd between the ages of 20-65.
  • Twitter is wonderful for short messages and general impressions.
  • LinkedIn is extensively used for B2B products or services.
  • Pinterest is ideal for imagery, best for creativity and industry.

The moment you’ve fully realized which platforms to choose, here are 4 top tips to keep in mind for marketing on social media:

  1. Be Aware of The Choice of Channels & How Much Time You Can Spend on Social

Indeed, social media marketing can definitely be a bit time-taking effort. Luckily, using a social media tool like HubSpot and HootSuite can help in knotting all of your social media accounts in one place, and timely manage your social media marketing. With tools like these you don’t have to worry about maintaining a regular posting frequency in your entire workday.

Additionally, always consider different time zones. In the case if you shoot a post, let’s say around 10pm EST, it’s highly possible that a large number of your audience in the UK will be asleep by that time, missing out on your post.

So, find out the most appropriate time that your potential target audience loves to interact with the content that you have published on your social media handles.

  1. Be Knowledgeable & Unique

Do you know what gives you a true edge above your rivals?

The audience loves unique content. You must show your uniqueness by adding links with the posts or citing references. Working best on these areas will definitely revert great results as this is a foundation of a successful social media marketing strategy.

Share images, snapshots and host caption contests. Use your branded hashtags for use on Facebook and Twitter. Think out-of-the-box creative ideas to develop content that your followers would love to engage and re-share.

  1. Be Real & Relevant with Your Connections

Don’t be desperate all the time for sales on social media. Instead, try to utilize social media as a chance to connect with your prospective customers. Nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship will create lasting buyers as well as influencers. It’s these thought-changers who can leave a vital influence on your social media marketing. Even a like or retweet from a major influencer can put your content in the spotlight for thousands.

Humans like to communicate with other humans, not robots. People tend to avoid spam. Let your audience feel good for engaging with you. Compliment them for subscribing, posting, following and resharing your content. You’ll definitely see how social media velocity can speed up.

  1. Be Consistent & Engaging with Your Posts

In the beginning, you might not know anyone out there in your social media circle. However, this is the perfect point to start your social media journey, and that’s exactly where you have to develop connections with your visitors and interact them. With the content you publish your followers will find they’re searching on the net. Respond to their queries and interact with them. Invest some time each day to comment on potential influencer posts and propose your most factual viewpoint subject to your area of specialization. If you can do this intelligently and genuinely, you’ll begin catching up on people’s attention and develop your network in the nick of time.

The moment you grow your business, finally you can engage a digital marketing professional to take care of your social media accounts, but till that time, learn about how you can utilize these top tips to support you in harnessing your social media strategy. With a constant effort, you will establish your unique social media marketing style and voice.

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