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  • 5 LinkedIn B2B Advertising Strategies You Need to Use Now

5 LinkedIn B2B Advertising Strategies You Need to Use Now

November 30, 2021

LinkedIn has evolved into a highly influential marketing tool. It provides B2B brands with a plethora of probabilities to build credibility, connect with the right decision-makers, and even sell their products and services.

Why Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?

These days, brands need to invest most, and LinkedIn has the ability to broaden the breadth of B2B audience segments. With 238% more effective leads than other platforms, LinkedIn is indeed the most outstanding social network for especially for professionals.

Here are some interesting stats to consider:

  • LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are 3 times greater than other big ad platforms (including Google Ads)
  • 98% of B2B professionals use LinkedIn organically
  • LinkedIn is recently voted as one of the three most trusted networks by the US users

To help you get started, here are the best ways to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

#1 Construct an Impactful Company Page

To have a powerful company page, make sure:

  • to use an attention-grabbing image,
  • craft a compelling company description, and
  • foster an active and engaging feed.

Adding these details will develop your brand’s credibility and strengthen the path towards a winning LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy.

#2 Host Commercial Events with Corporate Leaders

Hosting events with corporate experts allows brands to increase credibility, trust and deepen their relationships with their audience.

Whether it’s a summit, conference, or webinar, creating a LinkedIn event with a leader within your niche taps you right into a B2B-centric target audience and puts you in touch with the relevant crowd. 

#3 Push Your Employees to Engage on LinkedIn Posts

Because LinkedIn’s algorithm thrives on interactions, you can boost your brand’s presence by inspiring them to interact with important company updates, share new features and events, as well as share their knowledge and post about their individual expertise.

Before getting started, remember to:

  • Educate and get your employees on board – consider nurturing the brand within the organisation, delivering training, and educating people on what’s in it for them
  • Make it simple for employees to get (and stay) involved – motivate employees to create content and get more of them involved in your referral program
  • Build a strong foundation – this may include a well-defined social media policy, content distribution plan, and an incentive and recognition program.
  • Track your program – monitor the most important metrics and analyse what’s working and what needs advancement on a continuous basis.

#4 Use Advanced Search Filters to Find Prospects

LinkedIn has Advanced Search filters that can help you get refined results, just the way you want.

Once you are aware of how to find potential prospects, you can easily engage with them, observe their distinct motives and preferences, and begin with the relationship-building process.

#5 Join and Create Your Own LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups can prove to be an incredible marketing tool.

Use your LinkedIn profile and join groups in your business niche. Being part of such a group will give you the benefit of connecting with community members, interacting with like-minded peers, spotting influencers and dwelling on top of trends.

Creating your personal LinkedIn group is also a big opportunity. It provides your community with an opportunity to create an online forum where your brand can be a part of the conversation, effectively creating more meaningful connections with your customer base.

The Way Forward

If you are the one who has been trying truly hard to generate quality leads, these highly effective LinkedIn B2B Advertising Strategies will work perfectly to put you on the right path. With some hard work, your marketing campaign can start generating top-notch sales instead of just collecting data.

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