7 Simple Steps to Draft a Kick-ass Social Media Strategy

7 Simple Steps to Draft a Kick-ass Social Media Strategy

August 30, 2021

Are you looking forward to launching a winning brand online?

Social media is the perfect platform to kick start because not just that it is a power-packed tool but it’s FREE!

Still, you will be surprised that a lot of people do not opt for social media to make sales, simply because they do not have a solid social media strategy in action. So, this blog throws limelight on the 7 simple steps of social media strategy creation. 


Do you know, the shocking fact of science states that merely eight percent of people realistically achieve their goals?

That’s true! If you think you are in the lagging 92%, let’s transform.

The most important and basic step in building a winning strategy is outlining a goal. Every month or periodically, outline 1-3 major business goals per month. 

Have you ever learned about S.M.A.R.T goal setting?

S.M.A.R.T acronym refers to S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Relevant, T-Timebound.

Also, there is another “CLEAR” goal technique that incorporates adaptability and emotional quotient, where CLEAR refers to:

C — Collaborative, L — Limited, E- Emotional, A- Appreciable

R- Refinable.

For instance, you may set your CLEAR goals as:

  • Show up every single day on Instagram 
  • Sell a minimum of 25 ebooks per month to yield threshold revenue value. 

These are CLEAR goals and one can exactly estimate where you want to land in a one-month duration. 

All this implies that if a social media strategy is not well aligned with your business goals, it tends to fail. 


Research about who your target audience is, which platforms they enjoy using and also where do they hang out.

The seven hugest social media channels are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and Snapchat.

Do you really require all of them? Not at all! 

This is the great blunder generally people make when they start social media marketing as they wish to be on all the social media platforms.

As a matter of fact, if you tend to be available on all platforms, you are not leveraging any platform to its best capacity as that will become an overwhelming task to manage. 

So, choose just 2–3 platforms matching your target audience if you are a small team or a solopreneur and all your blood and sweat therein.


Bring down all your thoughts and ideas in writing. This brain-wiring activity will have all the ideas laid out right before you. 

Then select 3–4 types of content types and just go ahead.

While surfing ideas about the content, select 1–2 topics you want to pitch in that particular week of month. It’s best to focus on your hot industry topics or what your market competitors are bragging about.

Do you have idea that it takes even less than 10 mins to explore content ideas? 

Well, Quora is indeed a superb tool to navigate for burning questions and talk of the town! 


Begin with just one week’s term of content. Try to accomplish whatever works best for you. If copy writing is overwhelming, it’s a great idea to batch the images, content topic, hashtags, etc.. so that you are explicitly clear on what topics you are writing about.  


Divide your content ideas and big goals into weekly tasks and goals. Do little, but do good. 

For example, let’s take into consideration the following weekly goals set aside for selling the ebook:

      • Publish 2-4 IG feed posts every week 
      • Engage with 25 new people per day 

Once you carry the major goal in mind, you can divide the action steps weekly basis for that goal attainment.

Now, it’s time to set tasks for each day in order to attain your weekly goal. 

For instance, common tasks per day for selling the ebook: 

      • Post stories every day 
      • Mingle with your potential audience ANALYZE week 

These consistently taken small steps daily will ultimately determine social media success. 


This is the most simple step, you have now all the content in one place and all you need to do is schedule the content using calendars or scheduling tools with a smooth and super easy user experience that is convenient for common people as well for social media managers. 


Now, it’s time to engage most consistently with your target audience; as this is going to be one of the most crucial steps to maximize results. 


Develop an interesting audience very much fond of your product or service. Don’t just purchase followers or run irrelevant competitions to increase your stats. 

      • Avoid posting and ghosting.
      • Post-related content. Study your audience; understand their likes, pain points, interests, and points of view can support you develop content that will trigger their attention.
      • Use a combination of content, instead of purely exaggerating your business.
      • Use clearly specified call to action and tag for engagement.
      • Utilize related hashtags where reasonable i.e. Twitter and Instagram.

So if you want real results on social media, you need to build impactful relationships and a strong community by engaging rightfully with people. This is how you drive maximum traffic to your content which ultimately leads to generating sales. 

If you want more advice on crafting a perfect social media strategy for your business or need an agency to do it for you, Zoom Digital a UAE-based leading digital marketing agency which can help. We offer a range of social media packages for businesses in UAE and beyond. We devise a solid social media strategy for your business and build a kick-ass brand that ultimately helps you in getting results! Get in touch to find out more.

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