All About Off-Page Optimization and Its Importance to Establish a Credible Online Presence

All About Off-Page Optimization and Its Importance to Establish a Credible Online Presence

September 9, 2021

Statistics show that approximately 63,000 search queries are made on Google every second. This clearly illustrates how people now rely on the internet for almost everything.

Based on this fact, it is safe to say that every company that wants to be successful must have a strong online presence and rank among the top search engines. The higher the ranking, the more visibility of the website, leading to better chances of lead generation. And we all know lead generation results in increased revenue.

However, with every website vying for top spots, the competition is certainly cut-throat. Even if you are laying in all blood and sweat into your content, you may not get the desired results. The problem could with your off-page SEO.

Let’s delve deeper into details and find out more about off-page SEO and how it impacts the online presence of a company:

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is a popular term that defines a set of actions that experts do off a website to develop links that redirect users to the said webpage. Speaking in layman terms, the most important aspect of Off-Page SEO is to create relevant, quality, and credible backlinks.

Why Off-Page SEO is So Important?

It is hard to rank on Google based merely on the content. This is exactly where your link building plays an actively critical role. To put it simply, off-page SEO tells Google what others think about your site.

Off-page SEO usually includes building links from numerous sources. These links are of two types:

·         No-Follow Links

These links are not followed by Google’s spiders or bots. Therefore, they do not have any impact on rankings. No-Follow links are meant to stop web spam.

·         Do-Follow Links

A do-follow link is a default link type that allows Google bots to pass value to the link or webpage that it is linked to. This creates a deeper impact on the ranking.

Why Do You Need Off-Page SEO for Your Website?

Off-page SEO helps to develop a website’s domain authority and create its recognition. If there is no off-page SEO, your site will continually rank lower than other websites.

However, there are miscellaneous other factors and tactics that will help to gain great ranking from off-page SEO content marketing, such as:

  • Site Traffic
  • Domain Authority
  • Link Type
  • Relevance

Now that we have illustrated the importance of off-page SEO, let’s shed some light on effective ways you can obtain backlinks:

How to Obtain Backlinks?

Off-page SEO works best to make sure that your backlinks are strongly visible to search engines. But how do you get these? Some great ways to get these user-friendly backlinks are:

  • Create Engaging Infographics
  • Building Broken Links

These are different types of off-page activities & how you can go about them:

Brand Building

It is all about turning your company into a recognisable and reputable brand. You can do this via:

  • Expertise
  • Social media
  • Content marketing

Broken Link Building

It’s certainly a frustrating experience if you have clicked a link and error 404 shows up on the screen. Most visitors will abandon the website as users generally hate to find non-existent pages or to be redirected to other pages when they visit your site. Broken link building refers to searching such outbound, broken links on related sites, and proposing them your page link as a valuable substitute.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites like Stumble, Digg, Reddit, are quite famous these days. It involves saving, searching for, and sharing pages or sites that you find interesting.

Blogger Outreach, Forum Postings & Q/A’s

Online discussion forums, Bloggers & Q/A command huge reader bases and fan followings. Actively taking part in these activities can help you in off-page SEO.

Newsletters, Image & Documents Submissions

Photobucket, Imgur, Flickr, etc. are great examples of such image submission sites. Specific sites like SlideShare, Scribd, etc. endorse knowledgeable documents or newsletters to help users on distinctive subjects.

Events & Influencer Outreach

Events are a great source to drive social engagement. Letting your brands associated with influencers, PR & industry-specific events can lead to greater brand engagement.

Local SEO (Citation & GMB)

A local citation is a great mention of your brand online and also a part of off-page SEO practices. It can add a major supporting ranking factor in local SEO.

Social Media Networking & Content Marketing

Being consistently connected with your audience, generating healthy & organic backlinks and creating targeted content for the website go hand in hand in a competently created social media & content marketing strategy.

Content Syndication

If your brand utilizes a third-party site to reach more audiences, it is called web content syndication.

Podcasts & Reviews

Do you know that nearly 88.9% of people consult online podcasts and reviews before investing? Podcasts & Reviews are a crucial part of the buyer’s decision-making process since people have a great level of confidence in the reviews of other buyers.

Amazing Benefits of Off-Page SEO

Here are some amazing benefits of off-page SEO to convince why it is so important:

Boost in Rankings

Off-page SEO can support brands improve their SERP (Search Engine Page) ranking. The bigger your rank, the greater your click-through rate, the higher your site visits.

Provides Exposure

It can help to drive traffic to your site so you have an inflow of leads to trickle down a funnel.

Boost in PageRank

By employing off-page SEO practices, you will notice an improvement in PageRank. It is unique as compared to SERP rankings, and refers to a numeric score between 0-10 awarded by Google to your website based on the number of links and quality.

Creates Trustworthiness

Top Google ranking factors establish strengthened trust between brands and visitors.

How Can We Avoid Penalties for Unnatural Links?

  • By using Anchor Text, I.e. different phrases for diversified terms, keywords, and brand names.
  • Using Optimized Content
  • Removing Low-quality Links from Your Website

In Conclusion

Off-Page SEO may appear easy in comparison to on-page SEO, but there are multiple elements not easy to handles, such as waiting for the verification of your accounts on numerous forums or sites, unpublished comments or submissions etc. However, if appropriately done, off-page SEO can do wonders to boost your search rankings.

This is why you should rely on experts to handle this important task. And for this, you can rely on Zoom Digital. We are a leading off-site SEO service provider, focusing on genuine and natural link building to help your business rank on the top.

For deeper insights, check in with our growth-hacking experts at +97143319909 for 100% genuine and spam-free services. If you’d like to chat with us, contact us online!

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