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  • Bounce Rate and SEO, How does it affect your search ranking?

Bounce Rate and SEO, How does it affect your search ranking?

August 19, 2021

What is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is defined as the total percentage of people who come to visit your website’s home page and leave or “bounce off” without stay or browsing any other website pages.

For instance: let’s say a visitor visits your landing page via search engine Google. They leave the landing page immediately after reading.

In such a scenario, your bounce rate is 100%.

If they had visited any other page on your website apart from the home page, the bounce rate would not have been that much.

Now, the other question arises…

How Is Bounce Rate Calculated?

Here is Bounce Rate formula. Bounce Rate is calculated as:

Bounce Rate = (Visits with only 1 Pageview / Total number of visits) * 100

Let’s say your bounce rate is 70%, which implies that out of every 100 visitors, 70 of them leave your website immediately after visiting the home page.

Therefore for the sake of boosting your website’s organic traffic, you must lower the bounce rate.

Does Bounce Rate & SEO Affect Your Search Ranking?

Bounce Rate is indeed one of the critical SEO ranking components. It is an indicator of the home page quality in terms of content relevancy to search engines.

For example, if a visitor is visiting your website and leaving without navigating inside webpages pages, it identifies the search engines that maybe the landing page was not relevant to the visitors’ search query.

At this point, your landing page search rank is ultimately taken over by that alternate website that has a more .

Of course, when the average bounce rate of your landing page is too high, the organic traffic would be too low and the engagement rate will drop.

Conversion Rate In Relation With Bounce Rate

A a matter of fact, a low bounce rate might not immediately impact your site’s ranking on SERP. There can be numerous other factors too.

For instance, if you’re consistently creating a bulk of content and you can get a fair quantity of backlinks, your landing page might gain a good ranking despite having a big bounce rate. Though, a big bounce rate clearly means low conversion; which means, poor profits.

So, the burning question you must answer is — what’s the purpose of big traffic when it is not boosting your conversion and profits?

To maintain your search ranking as well as a good level of revenue, you should place the bounce rate at the peak of your priority list.

“So What Must Be My Bounce Rate?”

At this moment, you must be thinking what is reasonable bounce rate.

It actually depends on your conversion, search traffic, and profit margins.

So, what is the most favorable bounce rate for you actually relies on your industry and information on your website.

If you have a website with a huge customer base, you can tolerate a higher bounce rate in comparison with a micro-niche website, the sum of your potential customers would possibly be low. In such a scenario, a big bounce rate could be deadly.

So what is a “Normal” Bounce Rate?

By rule of thumb, a 40 percent bounce rate measure is considered realistic and normal.

When this benchmark strikes 75 percent and beyond, you should instantly look into analyzing why your website visitors aren’t staying on your landing page. Usually, the bounce rate between 35 and 25 percent is considered good. Any percent below this is excellent!

Principally, you should always aim to maintain your landing page’s bounce rate as low as possible to retain your ROI in a sustainable margin.

So, what is that level of bounce rate, below which, you are earning the desired revenue and conversion? Notice this border level and then make your best effort to keep your landing page bounce rate below this threshold level. Google Analytics can indeed be of great help as a bounce rate checker.

Lastly, Let’s Understand the Difference: Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

Before finishing, let’s also understand that Exit Rate and Bounce Rate have different meanings, they are not the same.

The bounce rate is the total percentage when there was only a single session while the Exit Rate is the percentage of total visits who exits the website from a certain page to another website.

The disparity between bounce rate and exit rate exist. However, they share the common goal of estimating the percentage amount of visitors who depart a page after visiting.

So What Is The Conclusion?

The bottom line is this: while bounce rate actually does not directly impact your Google ranking, it is still important to understand so that you are capable to improve upon it.

Big bounce rates (when calculated precisely) are usually signs of serious problems like poor user experience issues or inferior targeting. These are the issues you should try to resolve at priority. If you focus on deeper issues like customer targeting and usability, search engine optimization issues also begin to rectify.

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