Creative Ideas and Best Practices for A Lead Generation Campaign

Creative Ideas and Best Practices for A Lead Generation Campaign

September 13, 2021

Do you know that 65% of marketers rank lead generation as the topmost challenge?

“What can I do to boost lead generation? This is one of the most common questions asked by entrepreneurs. After all, lead generation campaigns are the lifeblood of the sales funnel in any business! Do you know that 65% of marketers rank lead generation as the topmost challenge?

As Hubspot says, 75% of companies claim that converting leads into customers is their high-ranking priority. With cut-throat competition prevalent in the industry, it has become increasingly more important for companies to look for innovative and creative ways for lead generation. Because let’s face it, outdated and conventional sales acquisition methods don’t work anymore now. And even if they do, the results aren’t exactly up to one’s expectations.

With that said, let’s take a look at creative ideas and best practices to run a lead generation campaign. But before that, we have defined a lead generation in simple terms.

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What Is Lead Generation?

The lead generation process comprises efforts of targeting and identifying emerging potential customers with the ultimate goal of developing their attraction towards your product or service. To put it simply, it is the process of getting more leads for products and services you offer via marketing practices.

What Is the Basic Procedure of Lead Generation?

Running a lead generation requires the implementation of the following framework:

  • Understanding – The very basic key is understanding your business as well as your prospects by exploring their wants.
  • Knowledge – By virtue of consistent events, newsletters, or workshops you can spread knowledge about your offerings.
  • Assessment – Normally, at this level prospects analyze your brand completely.
  • Possession – This level refers to winning lead conversion.

Promising Creative Lead Generation Ideas & Best Practices That 100% Work

Let us take a deep dive in:

1. Build Credible Lead Generating Content

A study shows that 92.99% of B2B companies claim content marketing generates multiple leads as compared to conventional marketing strategies.

Here is a smooth roadmap for developing content that induces sales and generous leads.

  • Understand your target audience
  • Identify valid content
  • Choose the right channels for content
  • Produce impactful content

2. Deliver Live Sales Support

According to research, 92% of users, who were asked to have a real-time chat with sales support staff, made purchasing decisions instantly.

Thus, formulating lead generation ideas via live chat will:

  • Provide live sales support
  • Reduce the sales cycle
  • Lessen bounce rate

3. Utilize Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media channels can help to build the perfect face value of your brand up to 24% by generating leads and inviting them into your sales funnel by:

  • Gating your knowledgeable content
  • Running contests on social channels
  • Social media advertising

4. Regulate & Automate Via Chatbots

Yes, bots can let you reach out to a big number of customers that do not hinder the efficacy of your sales crew.

You can productively generate gigantic sales leads using chatbots by:

  • Observing your visitors
  • Prequalifying leads
  • Providing Hybrid assistance –  both bot and live support
  • Lead nurturing – for making a final sale. 

5. Omni Channel Support for Lead Generation

Omnichannel approach connects all the channels like phone, in-app, email, store, website, etc. & retains up to 89% of their customers by following best practices such as:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Identifying your lead generation objectives
  • Tracking your leads
  • Develop worthwhile content

6. Provide Real-Time Assistance with Live Engagement Tools

One can also wisely use live customer engagement methods such as video, co-browsing, and voice chat in order to deliver real-time assistance to your customers by:

  • Furnishing sales demo
  • Guiding through the fill-up process
  • Propose customized discussions

7. Let Your Call to Action (CTA) Stand Out of the Crowd

You must have come across a “Add to Your Shopping Cart” or “Sign up for a Free Trial” button.

CTAs rise customer engagement significantly. You can ask your visitors to subscribe to your email list, route them to comment on your articles, or engage them with your social media platform.

8. Utilize Email Lists to Catch Up with Your Potential Audience

Lead generation via emails can be best achieved by:

  • Customizing your emails
  • Authorize contacts for email lists
  • Follow-up emails – minimum 2-3 times weekly.
  • Divide email lists on the basis of buyer personas

9. Introduce an Educational Webinar

Research reveals that watching a video is preferred 80% more than reading a text. Similarly, webinars are a great tool for B2B lead generation. 78% of purchasers claim they will share information in exchange for webinars.

10. Create Exciting Popups to Engage with Your Visitors

You can fine-tune popups in a way that they don’t annoy website visitors by using advanced popup technology. This will provide you with a good opportunity to know about your audience preferences.

11. Announce Promotions & Coupons

Offering promotions, deals or coupons can be a strong tactic to drive customer loyalty & ultimately sales volume. It makes your customers feel happy & helps them to step in your business door.

12. Stay Well-Engaged in Forums and Communities 

Communities allow customers with similar interests to connect. Big bulk of leads can be generated by arranging events, participating in related discussions and sharing your thoughts & ideas.

13. Pomp Your Testimonials

You can influence the decision of your website visitors significantly in your favor by adding testimonials, reviews and video-based customer stories.

14. Keep a Tab on Your Competitors

Keeping up above your competitor’s knowing what and how to track for effective lead generation. This can be achieved via miscellaneous tactics, such as Website modifications, Social media updates, etc.

15. Visit Industry Specific Events & Trade Shows

Lead generation campaign ideas include attending conferences, conventions as well as trade shows organized in a well-planned right location for targeting leads, attaining business goals and increasing the ROI.

The Takeaway

The bottom line is clear. With these incredible lead generation practices, you can build a long pipeline of high intending prospects for your business. However, it’s best to rely on experts as they are well-versed with the market insights, innovative practices and have the right tools that can help them generate quick leads.  

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