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  • Cross-Platform Insights: The Secret of Marketing to Boost Sales & Leads

Cross-Platform Insights: The Secret of Marketing to Boost Sales & Leads

May 6, 2021

Digital marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be a series of repeated efforts for every platform you choose to target. There are ways you can use data and analytics gathered from one platform in another, thereby using cross-platform insights to boost your marketing for sales and leads.

There are many platforms across the web that are keeping billions of people engaged. While some are business websites, blogs, or APIs, others are social platforms, each with its own particular set of audiences.

Given that the masses engaging with these platforms are filled with potential customers for your business, it’s only logical for you to target as many as you can. However, with every platform, there’s a huge difference in targeting mechanisms, parameters of interests and trends, etc.

These can become very overwhelming for any novice marketer who’ll probably limit themselves to one platform to avoid the hassle. So, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can use cross-platform insights to your advantage:

Here’s How Pro Marketers Boost Sales Exponentially Using Cross-Platform Insights


Both PPC and SEO are related to search engines, most commonly Google. Although they are both marketing strategies of the same platform, they are vastly different in their planning, execution and results.

We all know that PPC garners results much more quickly. Therefore, running PPC campaigns for specific keywords is faster in reaping results that can be analysed. Since all marketing revolves around data you gain through rigorous marketing efforts, you can be sure that stats like keyword difficulty, audience retention, engagement and bounce rates, etc., will make a difference.

Now, you can either have a completely different department working for SEO or incorporate the knowledge gained through PPC campaigns here. Using cross-platform insights will give you data that would take months to gather. For example, if you come up with a list of keywords that resonate with ready-to-buy audiences online, your SEO should focus on those keywords as well.

GMB & PPC/Paid Social

Google My Business seems like a simple digital identity associated with local businesses. However, for B2B businesses, this is a gold mine waiting to be excavated. Essentially, think of this as the yellow pages for organizations, companies, SMEs and corporations that are operating in your area.

Considering local catering businesses, the scope of leads gained through GMB can be decisive if you can figure out how to use them. So, let’s get down to it.

Your GMB is the ideal source for gathering data about people who’ve tried to locate your business. Surely, you might be thinking that these are already customers, so what’s the point?

This is where you need to consider the concepts of remarketing and nurturing existing clients. By utilising data from GMB in your PPC campaigns, you can target specific people who are more likely to engage with your ads. Since they are already familiar with your brand, you can easily modify your non-brand keyword bids. This will help you spend in target areas and get existing customers for one product to consider purchasing another.

Keep in mind that PPC doesn’t necessarily mean you only resort to search engine marketing. Again, cross-platform insights are always more likely to work than not. That’s why you should also use paid campaigns on social media sites to boost your leads and sales. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to sell products your customers don’t know about.

Social/Paid Social & SEO/PPC

Using social shares to bring traffic to your site might seem like an already popular idea. However, the fact that you can use cross-platform insights from paid campaigns on social media sites in your organic marketing efforts on search engines is not that common.

Let’s take a look at a newly emerging trend that is proving effective:

Most of us have an idea of polls on various social platforms. However, not many are familiar with the idea of considering poll questions as hot topics that are already engaging with your audiences.

Suppose a poll on Facebook about the latest Apple and Android Tabs is gathering a lot of attention. Now, instead of researching other topics for your tech-niche site, why not answer the questions the public is asking?

After all, this would comply with the user’s search intent and audience interest, and if you’re providing unique and authoritative information, this will make for the perfect content marketing strategy.

Moreover, incorporating cross-platform insights from these social media posts into your PPC campaigns as well. Boosting your post’s reach on social platforms and search engines with the keyword data and audience analytics you gather from your social platform can prove very effective in your SEO strategies.

Email & SEO/PPC

The current pandemic has compelled businesses to take different approaches and try out new methods. Since normal marketing strategies can’t be executed as they were before, the race is on for figuring out what engages with the audiences the most.

Email marketing is proving as effective as ever as we take facts released in McKinsey & Company’s study. As per the findings of the research, email marketing beats social media results by almost 40 times. This is with regards to lead generation while keeping in view the number of people reached and those converted.

Again, email marketing is very well-known for its use in remarketing campaigns. However, using cross-platform insights from this in your SEO content marketing strategy and vice versa, you can be a very effective marketer.

Emails that have the best open rates provide you with ideas for great headlines and titles that are sure to prompt clicks. Similarly, the most effective email structures also happen to conveniently be effective content structures. While keeping in view your content requirements and your audience variations, you can easily use analytics from both these platforms.


All successful digital marketers incorporate cross-platform insights to enhance their reach and conversion rates. It’s foolhardy to go at every platform with distinct approaches since the audience you’re tracking down on all platforms is the same.

Here’s a list of ways you can incorporate cross-platform insights to your advantage:

  • Using search analytics from your PPC campaigns in your SEO strategies
  • Using data from GMB to retarget audiences for new products through paid social or search engine marketing
  • Using organic or paid social media analytics to enhance your SEO and content marketing strategies
  • Using email marketing to make your organic and paid efforts on search engine marketing better and more effective.

For all this and more, contact experts at Zoom Digital to have your business promoted to the right audiences. With combined efforts, as established above, a lot can be achieved.

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