Digital Marketing Miracles: How to Generate More Sales Leads?

Digital Marketing Miracles: How to Generate More Sales Leads?

June 2, 2021

Do you know that 93% of all online interactions initiate with a search engine?

Without leads, a business is assured to fail. Today’s digital marketing-oriented era has changed the entire way we do business, and it’s extremely important for marketers to keep up with all the emerging demands of their prospects just by building a superbly well-oiled lead generation machine.

Leads are those qualified prospects who can potentially become customers as well as ambassadors of your brand if you play your trump cards right. Certainly, a firm may have multiple important goals, but a considerably large percentage of organizational goals are merely focused on lead generation derived following best performance marketing strategies, search engine marketing best practices and SEO digital marketing tactics.

Online marketing professionals, especially the B2C marketers, purely rely on several channels so as to drive leads right to their businesses and elevate their conversion rate.

But quite often, these traditional channels don’t yield many results that they can bank on. If you’ve already spent a big chunk of time creating content, hoping to successfully attract the right leads, but you still aren’t deriving results, it can be extremely discouraging. But hear this: you’re not all alone.

If you continue reading, you will be exposed to the best-proven hacks that will exponentially grow your leads by 113%.

Think about what does your potential customer actually wants? Once you’re best able to answer that question and firmly tie it to a high-converting landing page, we assure you that you’ll consistently generate leads. Speedily growing your leads will always be much easier if most of your focus is retained on syncing your landing page right with your other marketing channels.

Now no matter what channel you’re using, the statistics reveal that 54% more leads are generated just by inbound tactics as compared to traditional paid marketing. This also refers to the idea that you have to give top priority to the matter of right content creation.

Once you’ve fully committed to that mindset as well as approach, implement the best lead generation hacks to grow your leads much faster.

Ready? Here are digital marketing amazing miracles revealing how to generate more sales leads.

Generating new sales leads timely was a big business challenge that existed long, even before COVID-19. But the moment lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders went were executed in 2019, the day-to-day practices of each and every small business drastically changed overnight.

Now, as the world retains to the new normal and begins to open again, businesses have slowly gained partial momentum; however, many of the companies are still struggling to grow as well as to generate the revenue they had earned pre-pandemic.

As we all strive to navigate the New Normal, let’s discuss some of the best digital performance marketing strategies to be practiced so as to generate more sales leads for your business?

In this particular article, Zoom Digital Marketing Agency explores how analytics, as well as Google Ads, are the two most awesome digital marketing miracles that can really help your sales pipeline to experience prominent new growth in the forthcoming months! Let’s begin.

First Miracle: Drive Amazing Leads Through Google Analytics

As consumer habits have diversely changed over the past year, here is the time for any digital agency to get the best reacquainted with your target audience. Alongside, it is extremely important to understand their digital habits and know-how they shop online.

How to Perfectly Analyze & Understand Your Target Audience?

First of all, pinpoint directly how web users are searching your website by placing analytics evaluations along with custom avatars on your websites. After that, track your potential target consumer’s behavior by means of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics can best reveal you how your potential as well as returning customers are interacting directly with your website. You can exactly discover where your potential customers are located, which type of devices they’re using, and even other websites they’ve visited, as well as:

  • The demographics – age, gender, as well as interests of your users.
  • The kind of content your users engage with.
  • By what means users came across your site.
  • What pages actually have a high bounce rate.
  • Which type of social platforms you’re users engage with the most.

When countries lifted lockdown restrictions, consumers even then continued to shop online for the sake of service-based businesses. This practice will continue to be the trend even in the following weeks, months ‒ and even potentially years ‒ ahead. By virtue of tracking your audience’s digital habits, you can best pivot your advertising so as to better target them.

Need help tracking or precisely analyzing your audience? Contact Zoom Digital for the best digital marketing services in Dubai and let us strategize the best marketing plan that targets your audience and drives the top results you seek for your business.

Second Miracle: Grow Leads Exponentially Via Google Ads

Your website can usually experience high traffic and even still not convert to quality sales leads. With that being said, you may still not be attracting consumers who are actively searching for a business ‒ right now ‒ to call, pick an appointment, schedule an estimate, or place an order.

That’s where Google Ads jumps in.

Our In-House Expert’s Opinion About Performance Marketing

We can’t definitely ignore the New Normal. For most service-based businesses, Google Ads is indeed the best way to gain visibility as well as generate leads.

Understandably, it is not a wise idea to waste your advertising dollars on ads that don’t convert. It is therefore best to follow the ways you can successfully use Google Ads without much burning your budget.

Take Best Advantage of Smart Bidding

Pay very close attention to your potential buyer intent signals. You can even do this with Google’s Smart Bidding.

Smart Bidding is a small subset of automated bid strategies that deeply analyze contextual data, such as devices used by users, best peak times of day they’re much likely to search for your business, targetted keywords they’ll search for, etc. Once the Smart Bidding has this required data, it can precisely automate a bid as well as optimize its entire performance without even the account owner having to spend greater time or money directly in the process.

So Smart Bidding just stands one of many best practices you can use for your Google Ads campaign.

Make These Digital Marketing Miracles Work for Your Business!

Here at Zoom Digital, one of the top marketing agencies in Dubai, we’re celebrating all the best ways we can lift businesses during economic tough times. Analytics as well as Google Ads are just the starting point ‒ there’s really no such shortage of digital marketing miracles that can let your business exponentially thrive in the coming years.

Stay tuned to our blogs for more and more digital marketing miracles ahead. And if you’d like our close assistance exploring all the ways analytics as well as Google Ads can help grow your business, get in touch with us today!

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