Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022

December 26, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail topography has dramatically revamped, reshaping the online shopping habits of customers

Digital marketing has grown up more than ever, with the growth of virtual mediums to displace in-person activities.

So, come 2021, is content still the king? Where brands must invest? How can businesses best capture and retain customers? It’s never too early to begin researching and designing — here are our projected trends of 2021 digital marketing that all smart marketers should be watchful of.

1. Rich Social Media Marketing Extends Reach

Businesses should be ready to devote more attention to social media marketing in the year 2022, as statistics show that 400 million new users engaged with social media amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the latest social media trends, almost 30% of Gen Z choose brands loved by their influencers while making purchasing decisions. This buyer attitude transformation shapes unique chances for marketers to extend their reach towards new prospects and stay connected with old customers for a long time.

So, if you own a small business, never omit to add social media powers to your marketing mix.

2. Self-regulated Bidding in Google Ads

As widely known, Google Ads marketers keep changing and adjusting campaigns, algorithms, keywords, and bids to get the most for your marketing investment. The issue is all of the modifications come at a cost of time and investment. By automated bidding, Google automates prior moves to timely adjust your bids.

The main benefit of Google Ads automated bidding is the capacity to support you attain your objectives with no exertion on your part. This enables you to maximize your budget with your team able to focus their tasks at their best.

Our enhanced dependency on automated bidding tactics implies that we must inscribe an extra period to optimize numerous facets of PPC performance, which will eventually produce a promising result at a much lower cost to our valuable clients. 

3. Local SEO & All-in on Google Listings Does Wonder

46% of all Google searches look for local information. The study revealed that 72% of buyers that did a local search toured a store just in 5 miles.

So, for all small businesses, it is a must to have a geographically-defined area in your local circle as this will greatly support your business pop up in “near me” searches. This is because Google gives key importance to relevance in the search algorithms. By doing this, you’ll successfully rule that market in Google search results.

Maintaining your listings well-updated also supports your customers to know of any transformations in your contests, promotions, business hours, blogs, or any other news you would like to spread instantly.

4. Enhanced Communication of Availability

The ease in availability of offerings is the key reason customers are switching their brands abruptly.

Be open about what you can and can’t do and set practical expectations. For high-volume products, it’s best practice to place a banner on your site to specify when essential products will be in-stock.

In case you are not in the habit of collecting customer contact information, now is the perfect time to build a subscriber list. This will help you be proactive with notifying customers of availability differences using an automated email or texting service. 

5. Unleash Potential & Power of Voice Search

In the context of SEO, it’s a great idea for businesses to be proactive with voice search elements for their consumers who are adjusting to the medium of voice search.

As per experts in voice search, content must be precisely optimized for voice. The content needs to be more conversational and active so that it will precisely sync with search queries. This will tremendously boost traffic by remaining relevant and more noticeable to buyers.

6. Extra Engaging Content

Extra engaging content such as contests is a tremendous way to dramatically boost your reach and publicity, instantly.

The quickest way to get your brand in front of lots of new potential customers, at a very low cost, is to have your current consumers share a social media post of a contest.

Most of our clients take it a step ahead and make it a referral contest, often guaranteeing an impressive reward to the client who supports bringing in the newest business. 

7. Enhanced Retention via Segmentation

Be sure to keep your customers informed on your organizational changes or processes that would impact your relationship through email marketing or engage with them on social media.

By collecting data and segmenting your customers, you have an opportunity to save costs while delivering on your products and services.

You can also target them more cost-effectively, allowing you to stretch your marketing dollars even further.

8. Concentrate on Employee Induction 

Foresighted efforts to fetch in new employees will conquer the recruitment business in 2022. It’s, therefore, crucial to keep hybrid employees well-engaged, as motivated employees will articulate and collaborate better with each other and ensure enhanced client outcomes.

By adopting the practices of a great manager, make sure that you set up multiple communication channels and be ready to share successes with the whole team on every channel.

Where Do You Go from Here?

These eight incredible trends can support you to boost your site traffic, generate more quality leads, and expand sales, all while conserving your loyal customers. They also play a key role to help you understand digital marketing trends and how they will influence the larger competitive landscape. 

Want a more comprehensive and customized approach to propel your business forward in 2022? Contact us now for a robust digital marketing strategy!

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