Display vs. Search vs. Social Ads vs. PPC in Paid Advertising

Display vs. Search vs. Social Ads vs. PPC in Paid Advertising

October 4, 2021

Advertising your business in the digital world has become a need of the hour for every company. It can be ascertained from the fact that almost 50% of prospects coming to a retailer’s site from paid ads are more prone to buy than those who arrive from an organic link.

However, knowing the disparities and working out which strategy will do best for your business isn’t always a piece of cake, as there are different methods for paid advertisement.

Let’s compare the pros and cons of the major ones:

Different Paid Advertising Methods

PPC (Pay per Click)

74% of companies claim PPC is a big driver for their qualified leads.

The PPC model positions a company’s ads on a different website or search results to induce massive traffic to the advertiser’s site. The ads are linked to specific keywords or placed on websites with related content to the ad’s offering.

Instead of paying a standard fee, the company pays per click for the ad — which means, they pay every time a visitor clicks on the ad and visits the website.

PPC is indeed an incredible tool as it can efficiently as well as quickly find new prospects looking forward to your company offerings.

Search Ads

Search ads appear along with your search results when specific keywords are entered into the search.

With this technique, search ads can deliver high-quality qualified leads for new buyers as these ads are very straightforward and simple in their design.

According to Clutch. Co: “Up to 33℅ people click on a paid search ad because it quickly responds to their search query”.

However, this level of simplicity can also become a difficulty. This is because the absence of images and visuals in the ad itself can make it difficult for your ad to stay above others and connect new customers, owing to a big deal of competition around.

Moreover, as the ads are connected to specified keywords, it can be hard to let your message reach a wider audience.

Display Ads

Display ads are known for their efficacy — as they reach more than 90% of users surfing the internet. These ads occur on the side, at the top, and in the center of web content on nearly every website.

Such great visibility gives them a high reach among users to induce massive traffic to the potential site. The use of these ads is usually common, they encounter low competition and are cheaper than search ads. They’re also pretty more dynamic as compared to search ads — letting you use both text and images to create an ad that can fairly engage your audience.

However, the overcrowding of display ads has even made many users link them with spam, creating fewer chances for people to click on them.

Social Ads

58% of millennials buy due to social media ads. (Clutch, 2017)

Social ads such as on social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are accessible and extremely easy to use by almost everyone. They have a high click rate and are also very helpful at reaching your potential audience. The ads also have a fair degree of freedom in terms of the creation of content

However, social ads can also be more time-consuming to create. As new content continuously keeps posting and trending on social media, you’ll need to keep updated all the time.

Which Ad Type is Best for You?

With so many options available, deciding the right ad type can be challenging. Also, businesses usually have budget constraints; thus, they use all these options. Therefore, it becomes crucial to identify the potential of each ad type and select the right ones.

Let’s scroll through the most sought-after options for you to make the best decision based on your business needs:

Search Ads Vs. Display

The major difference here is the ‘intent’. The display network builds need whereas search ads fulfil the need.

Search network ads work perfectly for intent-based searches and are excellent for inducing sales and driving a big ROI. On the other hand, display ads are perfect for building your brand awareness and can be translated into various models such as PPC and CPM.

Social Advertising Vs. Search Ads

Conventional search ads are perfect for capturing users who are already aware of what they want.  On the other hand, social advertising is rapidly coming to the front row as a high contender of paid marketing actions. To refresh, social media marketing allows you to unite with your current customer base and potential buyers, eventually inducing profits.

Let’s Start Your Paid Advertising Campaign Today

A targeted and strategic PPC program can be a helpful part of your marketing strategy. However, it can also be challenging, and in absence of true knowledge, those clicks can waste quickly.

With all of the above suggestions, Zoom Digital can help you drive industrial leads to make sure that the money you do spend helps you attract real, actual B2B buyers — not bots.

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