How to Blend Blend Web Analytics  & Digital Marketing Analytics to Grow Better?

How to Blend Blend Web Analytics  & Digital Marketing Analytics to Grow Better?

December 19, 2021

Calculating the impact of digital marketing is one of the biggest challenges that organizations are encountering these days.

There are many processes to measure the efficacy of a marketing campaign. However, web analytics, when blended wisely with digital marketing analytics, can help you capture the missing data and make your marketing strategy more profitable.

Digital Marketing Analytics and Web Analytics

What’s Different?

The major difference between Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics is their area of concern.

While digital marketing analytics provides contextual knowledge around consumer behavior, web analytics provides data about website performance as well as optimization. 

How Does Digital Marketing Analytics Functions?

Digital analytics is all about analyzing unified data from apps, websites, emails, and other online sources. This gives users a good understanding of numerous processes in their business and consumer behavior on websites.

Organizations in all domains, as well as capacities, can use digital analytics for their benefit as it can be tailored to their business objectives and blend different metrics – telecoms, marketplaces, e-commerce, etc.

Digital Marketing Analytics analyses and correlates all marketing mediums to reveal what is effectively working and what’s not helping for your marketing scheme by monitoring:

  • Effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Visitor pattern across the website and numerous devices
  • Revenue dedicated to marketing efforts
  • KPIs related to the businesses: cost per click, conversion rate and bounce rate adding items to the shopping cart, etc.

Linking Digital Analytics and Web Analytics 

Examine carefully the parts of your marketing strategy that web analytics doesn’t take into account.

  •       Do you copy ad campaigns on Instagram or Facebook?
  •       Do you carry a mobile app that your web analytics doesn’t monitor?
  •       Do you own an offline store?

Currently, if these elements of your business appear less significant than your main landing page, they can eventually prove to be cash cows that introduce a great chunk of your customers.

Here’s how you can link web analytics to your digital analytics:

  • Explore web analytics for your website – Web analytics supports tracing unique visitors, clicks, exit pages, as well as other parameters that can support improved customer behaviour and know the strong as well as weak points of your marketing strategy. 
  • Expand your reports by providing missing parameters. To implement web analytics along with digital analytics, you’ll have to: 
  • Combine gathered information into one platform – To analyse how your marketing channels impact each other, you need to combine both digital analytics data and web analytics and store it all in one location, for instance: Google BigQuery.
  • Assemble required and most importantly desirable essential information. Gather data from call tracking services, ad services, CRM, and other information sources.

As you scroll down, you will explore some digital marketing parameters you can monitor, their procedures and the impact these parameters have on your marketing. 

Digital Marketing Parameters for Website 

  • Total Visits – Total quantity of visits to your website within a period gives you a true insight into how your site is popular.
  • Web Traffic Sources – It is calculated on the basis of 3 traffic sources: referral, direct and organic searches to show how visitors landed on your website. 
  • Online Conversion Rate – This metric gives you the actual percentage of needed action on your website, such as downloading pdf, signing up for membership, subscribing to newsletters etc. 
  • Returning/New Visitors – This metric truly supports you to comprehend how effectively you capture your online audience. 

Digital Marketing Metrics for Lead Magnet

  • Conversion Rate – The conversion rate of lead magnets is the percentage of leads that undergo a target action in connection to a lead magnet. It is measured by dividing the number of leads who executed a target action by the total number of leads and multiplying the result by 100%. 
  • Quantity of sales qualified leads – This is the basic metric for keeping track of your leads that shows the number of sales-qualified leads (SQL) your sales team has received from lead magnets. 
  • Lead Generation Rate – It focuses on the visitors who are converted into leads. It is calculated by taking the total number of leads captured and dividing that by the total number of visitors through a specific channel. 
  • Cost Per Lead – This signifies the average amount of money you expend to attain one lead. It is calculated by adding up all costs and dividing by the sum of leads secured. 

Way Forward

You must carry robust and credible data to develop and enhance our marketing strategy. The parameters you need to monitor depend on your business goals in relation to digital marketing analytics. 

Looking for great digital marketing services? Contact Zoom Digital. We will offer not just the web analytics illusion of a top-line activity; our digital marketing analytics services can support you convert your business objectives into calculated outcomes that aid your bottom line.

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