How to Get More Customers with Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Search Ads?

How to Get More Customers with Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Search Ads?

October 25, 2021

Do you want your offering just a Google search away?

With trillions of searches performed by a huge number of users each second, every day on Google, there’s a lot of potentials to make use of Google Search Ads to your benefit. These searches are somewhere above 260 million new users and 5 billion engagements every day.

So, if you’re thinking of expending any sum of your money on Google search ads to reach your potential customers, make sure to spend it in the right way.

Keep scrolling to explore how to optimize your Google search ad campaigns to achieve the best results with more and more customers!

As a part of best practices, your ads should encompass a few things:

  • Your target
  • Your campaign’s theme
  • Monitoring KPIs
  • Campaign’s type

Of all Google search Ad campaigns, an amazing fact with pay per click (PPC) search ads is that you only pay when your ad produces outcomes. For example, when your potential visitors click your ad to land on your website or if they go to your ‘call to action’, you will be charged for the ad.

Pay-per-click advertising is the most common in search engine results pages, like Bing or Google, but is now used on social channels as well. When done perfectly, PPC can earn you high-quality leads.

So How Does PPC Work to Get Ever-growing Customers?

As stated above, with this advertising model of PPC, the advertiser only pays when visitors interact with ads through impressions or clicks. This undoubtedly helps to get more customers because:

  • PPC ads yield quick results.
  • PPC ads are much economical
  • You can easily test and control PPC ads.
  • PPC ads help you to target your potential customers.
  • Algorithm transformations have little effect on PPC ads.
  • PPC ads support your rank even with fewer domain ratings.
  • Information from PPC ads can enhance your SEO strategy.

Let’s dive deep into how PPC ultimately drives in more and more customers:

1.  Use PPC Ads to Produce the Fastest Results.

Although organic ranking is great, it may take a long period, even more than a year to get on the top page on SERPs. And if you’re just a small business or a struggling start-up, there are chances that you might not have much time to wait for the results. This calls for PPC ads to the show. 

With well-optimized PPC ads, you can elevate yourself to the peak of the SERP within a very small time of launching your campaign and ultimately drive loads of social, organic, or direct traffic to kick in. 

2.  Experience Faster Growth with PPC Ads in Less Cost

One great fact about PPC ad campaigns is that you carry complete control over the investment that you’re considering.

With PPC, you will get back the full worth of your money because you will only pay when users click the link leading right to your landing page or the website — with a high probability of lead conversion — thus enabling the growth of customers.

3.  Easy Control & Easy Scaling Yields More Customers

It’s pretty simple to control the prospects you’re targeting via keywords, budget or ad placement with PPC ads. You can even run A/B split tests with diversified ads to notice the one that yields the greatest return on investment.

4.  Get More Ideal Customers with PPC

With PPC ads, you can escape inactive users and target active users who are ready to purchase your offerings

You can actively bid on keywords that are searched online. Apart from keywords, PPC ads can also be used to offer targeting options like demographics or past online activity. 

One more wonderful use of PPC ads is to develop retargeting strategies and plans for targeting visitors who initially didn’t purchase on landing your website.

5.  Less Effect of Algorithm Changes Results in Lasting Sustainability

Among multiple Google algorithm transformations and the 200 ranking factors, getting free traffic from search engines is somewhat unstable. However, with PPC ads, there are no worries about algorithm changes. Rather, one can completely focus on how greatly your campaigns perform.

6.  Rank Up with PPC Despite Less Domain Ratings.

Keywords undoubtedly keep growing in competition. This makes it more challenging for a website with less domain authority to step up into the top rankings ahead of its target audience on a social platform or a search engine.

In the case of PPC advertising, you can rapidly rank for keywords your potential visitors are searching, regardless of your domain ratings. 

7.  Enhance Your SEO strategy & Boost Your Customers

When your prospects will search for your keywords, it will be easier for you to understand their search motives and bring forward the most related ad in front of your audience. This will ultimately determine multiple clicks and a tremendous chance of a conversion.”

In a nutshell, PPC holds great prospects. However, you would need expert services to explore the maximum potential. For this, you can contact Zoom Digital, and get a result-oriented PPC campaign to drive in more and more customers!

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