Will Digital Marketing Be Fully Automated?

Will Digital Marketing Be Fully Automated?

January 3, 2022

With constantly transforming digital marketing, marketers can automate more and more functions of their job far greater than ever.

The question, however, arises: How far can this process of automation go? Will digital marketing ever be completely automated?

Let’s look deeper at the current trends of digital marketing automation, the technology that’s climbing up the ladder, and where it is leading to the future.

What Digital Marketing Automation Is All About?

Automation in the area of marketing plays a very relatable role about automation in the different parts of your business. It refers to optimising and streamlining your processes to analyse information, execute campaigns, and much more.

Practically, automation is inducting the support of software bots to control tasks that could be handled by humans but don’t need to be. In actuality, they are generally just, recurring tasks that commonly comprise data entry or other related jobs.

This effectively saves plenty of time as well as effort and liberates marketers from concentrating on projects that need a detailed critical eye as well as enhancing the success of marketing endeavours. Also, some marketers witnessed an 80% increase in leads generated immediately after implementing automation software.

Elements of Marketing Automation

In digital marketing, automation can be used in numerous ways, from workflows to information analysis. Below mentioned are just some of the examples of how companies are making use of marketing automation today:


Digital marketing is all about receiving, categorizing, and assessing customer data, and much of this work can be accomplished via automation. With automation technology, marketers can use cutthroat solutions to examine data and divide customers and prospects into their segmented groups. It eventually supports them to create targeted, data-driven campaigns.

Campaign Delivery

When nurturing leads with marketing campaigns, it’s significant that you customize your messages so that they include valuable, relatable information at the correct point in time.

Automation supports you in choosing the appropriate recipients, creating the right email, and observing how those emails are performing with statistics such as click-through rates, open rates and more.

Workflow Automation

Building workflows is another critical aspect of marketing automation. It provides support in many numerous aspects of digital marketing, from lead nurturing to consumer retention.

Social Media Management

One of the most evident benefits of using marketing automation is the proficiency to enable users to schedule social media posts in advance, monitor the post’s performance, and support you to strategize future coming posts.

What’s the Competitive Edge of Automation in Marketing?

Today’s competitive edge of marketing automation is always transforming and providing us with more and more advanced technology.

Practically, marketing is yet to be fully automated, with the latest technology revolution tending to automate more manual and human-dependent things than ever before. However, in the current digital age, marketers are much more inclined towards using machine learning as well as AI in analytics to help in crafting campaigns along with effective strategies.

This is immensely prevalent within the data collection space, where automation is providing a plethora of comprehensive behavioral data on every factor of a potential consumer’s journey through their website.

What Does the Future of Marketing Automation Look Like?

The future of marketing automation is certainly bright. Things like machine learning as well as AI are beginning to become integral and assist further in the data analysis role to help marketers develop better campaigns.

In future, AI could best work to predict actions to forecast trends and create campaigns based on informed predictions from data, though this is still some way off from fruition.

Customer service roles are also becoming automated. Everyone is familiar with the automated phone trees that you’ve must have called into before, but this is being taken to the next step in the form of things such as website chatbots that entertain your customers and support them to find what they’re searching for.

While the destiny of marketing automation technology is ever-growing and innovative, many businesses are still playing catch-up to the current standards. Merely 51% of companies currently use some or other form of marketing automation, and even less are fully automated and using this technology as effectively as possible.

Businesses that have not yet invested in marketing automation technology must do so soon, as companies that do use automation are naturally outpacing their competitors.

Bottom Line

Marketing automation is quickly becoming a crucial part of digital marketing that streamlines processes and makes better use of gathered data to help make informed decisions on proven strategies as well as campaigns.

If your business isn’t using automation in your marketing, you’re missing out on a major potential boon to lead generation that your competitors are already taking advantage of. Contact Zoom Digital now to know more about how you can incorporate the automation elements into your marketing campaigns.

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