How to Optimize Website Landing Pages for Lead Generation?

How to Optimize Website Landing Pages for Lead Generation?

October 18, 2021

If you belong to the kingdom of inbound marketing, then lead generation must be at the top of your mind. After all, you must be working damn hard to convince your users to give you their email!

Of course, it all starts by creating a landing page that converts visitors and trickles them down your marketing funnel. So, how to optimize your landing pages for lead generation?

In this article, we have discussed some of the great ways you can do this. Before discussing them in detail, let’s first shed some light on the terminology of the landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a strong lead generation tool that converts traffic into saleable contacts. They compel visitors to focus on just one thing—the act of conversion.

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Maximum Lead Generation?

Here are some of the major tactics to optimize your landing pages for massive lead conversions.

1.  Write A Conversational Headline

An impactful headline is very important to lead conversion. Visitors never read a landing page word for word; therefore, it’s essential to grab them at the very moment. Using a conversational and straightforward tone is far more effective than formal jargon that may confuse customers till they get away.

Make sure your headline conveys your offer’s USP—what’s unique and special about your offer, what your offer is and why they should have one.

2.  Shift Your Focus from Features to Benefits

Your landing page must focus on what the offer is, but more than that, the end-user benefits must be emphasized.

For instance, the following example highlights benefits vs features:

“This e-guide comes with 19 pages.” vs. “Know how to boost your leads by 300% with this e-guide.”

Your buyers are more likely to keep in mind whatever benefits them personally, and if you can create a great landing page for them, they will certainly invest in your offering.

3.  Win Trust & Build Authority

Your prospects want to feel confident and safe in your offering. But, how will you build trust in the restricted space available for a copy on a landing page? This can be done through testimonials, endorsements, social proof, partnerships, as well as site seals.

Your Social Image Speaks of Your Value

You can show your prospects what other customers have purchased. Offer your social image by exhibiting the real number of downloads or even the number of your event registrations. This will be real proof to show your visitors how others are buying your offer.

Your Testimonials Says It All

A customer testimonial means a lot when establishing trust. But make sure they are real!

Try to get quotes from old happy users of your offer. It will be great if you also get a photo name and image. This will add credibility to your product. Celebrities get paid for their endorsement whereas common people don’t. This adds to the genuineness of your offer.

Gets Partnerships & Endorsements

This is a standard tactic to garner trust. If you have affiliations or partnerships with reliable people or companies in your circle that are famous and relatable then showcase them.

Site Seals (Trust Badges)

There are 3 main categories of site seals that help is building trust and credibility.

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Seals

These seals demonstrate technical security and are allocated by SSL certificate dealers such as Norton and Trustwave.

Trust Seals

These seals reflect business authenticity and are allocated by a reliable 3rd-party like TRUSTe, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Made Up Symbols

These seals reveal that the site is safe and include “homemade” icons such as padlocks. They are not endorsed by a trusted party.

4.  Repeat Your Call-To-Action (Be Specific)

Use specific CTA. For instance, use “Sign Up for Free Trial” instead of “Sign Up” or use “Download Guide” rather than just “Download”. More additional CTA’s are Download E-book, Enroll for Course, Watch Video, and Schedule.

5.  Create a Sense of Scarcity and Urgency

You can remove delays by calling out a sense of urgency for your visitors to act quickly (on their visit) rather than later. This can be brilliantly done using the below-mentioned tactics:

Add a Timer, Clock or Countdown

If you alert visitors of the scarcity, or countdown—that the clock is ticking—it calls urgency & forces action.

Tap into Loss Aversion

Research has revealed that the desire not to lose anything is greater than the desire to gain. You can tap into this loss aversion by stating what the visitor might lose if they don’t act now. For example, “If you don’t buy this email marketing guide, your mailing list will shrink down from unsubscribes.”

How to Develop a Great Landing Page?

Keep in mind, your fundamental goal on a landing page is to tempt visitors to take the desired action. So, how can you create an awesome landing page that does just that?

Here are 3 extra tips that will help you drive greater lead conversions:

1. Make Sure Your Form Is Above the Fold Regardless of Any Device

Landing pages must be well optimized for cell phones, tablets, and desktops to guarantee a great landing page experience.

2. Reduce Distractions

Reduce distractions by turning menu navigation off your page. This way, visitors will not be distracted. Besides, everybody has less time. So, only provide them with the specific information.

3. Speak to The Consumer Using Video

Add a self-explanatory video that speaks to the value of your landing page offer. Also make sure to include the specific CTA throughout this landing page, emphasizing the desired action you want uses to take.

The Takeaway

A landing page is an extremely important element for companies as it drives visitors to concentrate on the desired conversion action. Creating an impactful landing page will give you an edge and a greater chance of lead conversions & eventually more sales.

Contact Zoom Digital now & get started on building landing pages that will madly drive conversions!

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