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  • How to Write Google Ads Copy that Gets More Clicks?

How to Write Google Ads Copy that Gets More Clicks?

November 11, 2021

Do you know: on average, worldwide people perform 2.5 million searches on Google every second. That means, on every single Search Engine Results Page (SERP), users will see an ad.

With search ads, you can specifically target active searchers and buyers with an effective ad copy that reveals the true image of their intent. These Google ads are indeed extremely effective because they appear in search results in parallel when users search for a product and/or service related to yours.

Ad relevance is one of the most vital components of your Google Quality Score (which specifies how much you pay per click and the utter success of all your campaigns). When you are creating a great ad copy, you only have a restricted number of characters to work with, so you must make them count. 

So, let’s have a look at our best tips for writing stellar Google Ads copy:

1.  Make Strategic Use of Keywords

Your landing page should best mirror the search intent as well as the keywords prevailing in your ad copy. You can run A/B tests on your ads by making use of different keyword placements to explore the formula that works perfectly for your target audience.

It is a great practice to choose and make use of the highest-volume keyword from your ad group in the headline for your landing page from the pool of multiple keywords in your ad group. Then, make organic use of the keywords throughout the main text, which is ideally about once per every 200 words.  

2.  Place Keywords Carefully

The moment you have closely related ad groups, it’s high time that you craft ads that incorporate a mix of those keywords. Remember that careful placement of keywords will pay back. It is greatly recommended that you only repeat your keyword/phrase 2-3 times in your ad.

In addition, try adding your keyword in the URL, Headline 1, Description 1, and cross-check if you have an impactful CTA in your description copy.

3.  Be Concise, Be Specific

Make sure that your ad copy and landing page URL is concise and specific. The following tips will be of great help in this regard:

  • Use large, clear and legible font.
  • Make use of buttons with unique shapes and fun graphics to make them more attractive.
  • Use bright contrasting colors to make your CTA look prominent.
  • Specific numbers and dates will also add specificity as well as credibility to your ads.
  • Wrap the CTA button with bright light-coloured space to make it stand out.
  • Align your CTA above the fold on landing pages to allow your visitors to see you spontaneously.

4.  Adding CTA Is a Must

Your landing page CTA should exactly be the CTA in your ad—developing a cohesive ladder towards one line of action. In addition to that, try:

  • Use first-person language. “Get MY free quote” will get better conversions than “Get YOUR free quote.”
  • Use action-oriented content, such as “buy now,” “request a free quote” Or “add to cart”.
  • Use fewer words and be specific.
  • Create comfort for your customers. Include the words “no software to install” and “No credit card required” to ease common customer anxieties.

5.  A Quick Note on Ad Groups

Google officially recommends 10-20 keywords per ad group. However, most industry experts agree that’s way too many keywords in a single ad group. The reason is that it doesn’t allow you to be specific enough in your ad copy. Therefore, you much try creating ad groups with 1-3 closely related keywords.

Key Takeaways

Google Ads can be incredibly effective if your ad copy is clear and convincing. Here are some amazing takeaways:

  • Use a clear CTA in your ad copy that makes use of emotive, actionable words.
  • Be very sure your ad CTA mirrors exactly your landing page CTA.
  • Use specific language that caters to the user’s search intent. Also incorporate specifically clear numbers, percentages, figures whenever possible. 
  • Ensure your keywords are available in the URL and landing page.
  • Utilize your keyword/s 2 or 3 times (maximum) in your ad.
  • Widespread your work on Facebook, Twitter Share and LinkedIn.

Start achieving your digital potential now!

Google ads are helping businesses thrive. So, book a time to talk to us about analyzing, optimizing, and protecting your digital presence from a single platform right away!

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