Instagram Marketing: 12 Easy Steps to Boost Sales

Instagram Marketing: 12 Easy Steps to Boost Sales

March 15, 2022

Instagram, with 500 million daily and 1 billion monthly active users, is generating more than 7 billion dollars of revenue every month. Instagram marketing is also the home of 2 million+ advertisers.

Statistics reveal that around 130 million Instagram users interact with shopping posts every month. This proves that the more you advertise on Instagram, the higher the chances of your sales.

Instagram also offers plenty of targeting options in alliance with Facebook leading access to versatile features like advertising based on real-time demographics. You can even build improved brand-follower relationships by actively interacting with your followers. This practice can significantly enhance the chances of converting your follower into a customer.

Other than that, there are various other tips and strategies you can employ to get more engagement and leads on this popular social media platform. Let’s take a look at them:

12-Step Instagram Marketing Strategy to Drive More Sales

1. Fine Tune Your Bio First

Your bio needs to be attractive, enlightening and immersing. It must illustrate a brief explanation of what you offer, what type of content you aim to post, trademark, hashtags, social media links, and even a URL for driving traffic.

2. Extend Outreach with Ads

The Instagram Ads Manager offers a full range of targeting options based on engagements, interests, buying behaviours, and much more. It also provides various options to select from, such as visual ads, creative story ads, collection ads, and a lot more.

3. Develop a Content Calendar

A content calendar can be superbly helpful in keeping track of posts. You can plan content, visuals, caption, or hashtag posting schedule very systematically. It is greatly helpful when you’re looking forward to reposting your older content.

4. Share a Story

To grab attention and connect with your audience, share a story, which is rich in visuals and content. Your captions must convey the best about your brand, look more human and develop strong connections with your audience.

5. Look Good and Be Approachable

Aesthetically appealing content works best on Instagram. You must follow a specific theme and engage with your industry audience. Your brand must seem approachable and sensible.

6. Use Hashtags Appropriately

Use generic hashtags like #flatsale, #holiday, or #fashion, and get ready for your post to disperse in the ocean of related feeds. Try to search keywords that comprise trending and industry-specific keywords that your followers will connect with. Research also shows that the ideal number of hashtags is seven or fewer.

7. Take Benefit of Video Ads

Instagram supports three types of video ad formats for marketers. Single video ads create 60-second ads, carousels which are a combination of images and videos, and photo ads, where videos incite heights in usage among marketers.

8. Get Endorsed by Influencers

Influencers on Instagram are generally industry thought leaders who can develop trust with your offering to their fans. By engaging with them, you can enhance the reach of your products and/or services.

9. Take Benefits of UGC

UGC refers to user-generated content that engages your customers with your brand further. Since content is self-made by the audience; therefore, it’s comparatively cost-effective. Undoubtedly, UGC can greatly help with converting users that strongly support your brand.

10. Make Most of IGTV and Stories

Stories are features that are a blend of images and videos that vanish after 24 hours. Creating interesting and engaging stories can make a significant impact on your reach and engagement. Links to your website can also be integrated with these stories.

11. Host Giveaways and Contests

You must plan out contests and giveaways on Instagram and join hands with the right brands. Make sure you’re monitoring the contest and sharing corresponding results on other social media platforms. This will help drive more traffic to your Instagram profile.

12. Learn and Track

Specify effective visual styles, hashtags, and the best schedule to post. With these best practices, social listening and analytics, you will further optimise your Instagram engagement.

What’s Next for You?

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