6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2022

6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2022

August 1, 2022

As per recent research, more than 80% of all home buyers search for new homes online, whereas more than 50% of the leads come just using referrals. Moreover, there has been a notable increase in the use of social media by real estate business owners. This has led to increased competition in the real estate industry, particularly in the digital world.

With such cut-throat competition, how can you stand out and boost your sales as a real estate agent?

To answer this query, you can do this by using trending digital marketing tips.

The Growth of the Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, any business, whether it’s in real estate or any other industry, needs to be tech savvy to be able to compete in the market. Mainly as a real estate agent, it’s more important than ever to create an online presence.

To stay at the forefront of this increasing competition, you must expedite the process of digital marketing as it is necessary to build your real estate brand awareness, extend visibility to the next level, and attract more prospects to your business.

Top Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Sales

Here are the top-of-the-line, result-oriented digital marketing tips that real estate professional business owners can use to earn maximum leads.

1. Establish Email Campaigns

Emails help you to connect, engage and drive new leads to turn beneficial for your business. A recent study states that more than 86% of people want to stay informed via email. Therefore, emails are always an important element of advertising campaigns.

You can create a strong email campaign based on the following streamlined process:

  • Itemise your email list by subscriber data.
  • Craft goal-oriented emails for your audience.
  • Broadcast your emails via ESP and automatically monitor the performance metrics of your email campaign.

2. Create a User-friendly Website

As per recent statistics, more than 40% of real estate searchers now use mobile devices. So, in case your website is not appropriately optimised for mobile responsiveness, there are big-time chances that a major chunk of your advertisement investment goes in vain.

Below mentioned are the proven ways to create a mobile-friendly website:

  • Use a convenient tone as well as a simple act of language.
  • Make a careful choice of colours.
  • Keep the website very simple & easy to navigate.
  • Represent information in the bit-size format so that it becomes simple and understandable.
  • Promote your site layout for increasing visibility and brand awareness.
  • Make your navigation logical by adding facts and figures.

3. Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is one of the popular digital marketing techniques used by realtors to directly target potential leads.

The most important benefit of PPC advertising is that you’re not charged unless and until someone clicks on your ads. As per research, marketers average over 2.5% conversion rate using AdWords.

Hence, Pay-per-click is an effective internet advertising medium used to attract traffic to websites, whereby a potential advertiser pays a website owner only when the ad is being clicked.

4. Focus on SEO Optimised Content marketing

Content marketing is the hallmark of any result-oriented and responsive real estate website. It plays a pivotal role in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and is the best strategy to have your website indexed.

Great website content helps you build credibility with your audience. It develops trust, which helps you to engage with your potential customers. It must address your audience’s concerns. Discussions, guides, and feedback help your audience make the best decisions.

5. Hosting Tour in Virtual Space

Tour hosting in virtual space not only generates fast revenue for digital marketers but also supports customers in streamlining the entire home purchasing process right to the end. To develop a good virtual tour, the following incredible points must be essentially followed:

  • Make engaging and responsive videos. They should work properly on both the desktop as well as mobile versions.
  • Refrain from using digital illusions and make use of actual footage of the home
  • Create a crisp social media marketing strategy.
  • Develop a user-friendly and three-dimensional tour for enhancing the user experience.

6. Invest in SEO

Enforcing a strong SEO strategy will bring increased traffic to your website. However, SEO algorithms keep changing with time. Therefore, you should always be aware of the updates of the transformed algorithms.

Another thing you need to know is that keywords are an essential part of SEO. Target words refer to what users are looking to search for information in an online medium. So, always work well on keyword research and include them in your posts. Additional SEO components to evaluate include:

  • Social media pages
  • Blogs
  • Backlinks
  • Title and meta descriptions
  • Directories available online
In a nutshell

Nearly every real estate broker uses one or more digital marketing techniques and tricks as a part of their online branding. However, as important as implementing these strategies and techniques, it’s equally important HOW you implement them. This is why you should only rely on experts when it comes to implementing real estate digital marketing tips and techniques. And for this, you can trust Zoom Digital. We offer impeccable digital marketing services specifically tailored for real estate businesses.

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