All that you need to know about the iOS 14 update and its impact on digital adverting.

All that you need to know about the iOS 14 update and its impact on digital adverting.

August 23, 2021

You might know that Apple offers the best users control for ad tracking. Indeed, the iOS 14 update centers around ad tracking and grants users superb controlling powers over their data.
Still then,

How can you reduce paid advertising disruptions?

Even though in-depth information about the update has been explicitly sent out by Apple, it is vital to note that the intensity of its impact on digital advertisers is yet to be known.

Now, what do we need to know about the iOS 14 update?

In the first place, you must know that the App Tracking Transparency policy (ATT), Apple has announced that users will be asked for approval via in-app permission prompt, before apps using their unique Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) for third party ad tracking.
On the other hand, app developers will have to ask approval to use specific information for advertising reasons to follow the policies of ATT.
Moreover, the iOS 14 update will also augment a new active screen to the App Store with knowledge regarding tracking data, app privacy and linked data.

Why is Apple Inc. doing this?

a) to offer users the option for opt-in to tracking as soon as an app is installed, and
b) to ensure that users are familiar with what data an app will track right before they install it.
So, how the next iOS 14 updates will impact your digital advertising?
With this update, the end-users will have the option to willingly permit tracking their use and behavior online, which most of the users are expected to opt-out. If this information is not available, paid advertising to undergo massive disruption.

How can you prepare for changes?

Facebook Ads users
Facebook has publicly announced the disruptions advertisers might see on their platform. “Aggregated Event Measurement” is created to measure campaign performance and reduce the ultimate impact of any data loss resulting from the iOS 14 update.
Following are the important changes Facebook Ads users might encounter:
Conversions: Digital ad professionals will now be restricted to 8 conversion events in a single domain. So, it is essential to schedule for nothing that exceeds 8 conversion events.
Domain verification: Facebook is now mobilizing pixels over to the domain-based authority. Check domain to reduce any change to your data if you use pixels, esp. if your pixel is handled by multiple parties.
Targeting: As visitors stand to opt-out of tracking following the iOS 14 update; the custom audience, app connectivity cases and web activity will possibly reduce. To support this, expand your horizon to attract more audience.
Reporting of Ads: 7-day view-through attribution in any capacity will no more be helped neither will 28-day attribution. API will be solely supporting Historical data.
Google Ads users
With the forthcoming modifications to IDFA in the iOS 14 update, Google Ads has chosen to swap to SKAdNetwork; another Apple ad tracking tool.
Google is nowadays propelling Apple to modify and boost the SKAdNetwork performance, as it is known to be limitedly beneficial at helping advertisers in tracking users.

Following are the important changes Google Ads users might encounter:

Upgrade for Firebase: For digital advertisers making use of Google Ads, and for Firebase to enable SKAdNetwork support, Google has suggested raising to the most modern version of Google Analytics.
Diminished visibility of conversion: As per Google announcement, ATT will certainly “reduce visibility into important metrics that reveal the way ads drive conversions (like sales and app installs) and will impact the way advertisers bid and value on ad impressions.
Adjust bids and Monitor campaigns accordingly: Digital advertisers engaged with Google Ads on mobile phones must also monitor iOS campaign delivery and performance as the rollout adjust their budgets and bids to attain their objectives.

What Does the Future Hold?

We guess we’ll have to wait and watch. We won’t probably be able to calculate the exact impact of these updates until we test and review performance after the updates take effect.
Enhanced privacy does not really mean reduced advertising results.
If you’re advertising on Instagram and Facebook, you may witness a boost in the cost-per-click towards getting a qualified lead in the next few months.
For those who want to opt-out, it doesn’t imply they will no more see ads – it simply implies the ads they see will just not be customized and possibly irrelevant.

What digit advertisers can do further?

Track all your campaign data in one place

Monitoring all your marketing results is usually a tricky job that needs the right techniques and the efficient tools to obtain the actionable insights you desire to best gauge and optimize campaign performance. Possessing a well-integrated platform that and collects data and tracks across numerous channels is a strong tool you must keep.
Zoom Digital is the top-rated UAE’s digital marketing agency supporting third-party-driven powerful integrations funnel campaign data into one, centralized platform so you can visualize your full campaign performance in a single place. Using Zoom Digital’s platform, you can:
· Monitor paid advertising on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
· Track the impact that other factors, as well as software updates, are having on your performance
· Visualise the performance of your campaign across the board.
· Utilize insights to modify your campaign and attain the results you desire
· Discover our recent most features for tracking, planning, and optimizing marketing campaigns that support you to go candidly to the actionable insights you desire for ultimate success.
· Conserve big amounts of energy and time skimming between numerous analytics platforms.

Thanks for reading, and we wish this blog helps you adapt to these new updates!
So, are you looking for managing your campaigns and media all in one platform? Get in touch with the Zoom Digital team at +97143319909.

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