Is TikTok a Platform Worth Looking into for Brand Marketing?

Is TikTok a Platform Worth Looking into for Brand Marketing?

November 8, 2021

TikTok has almost reached over 1 billion users worldwide, taking over the globe by storm. While the application is largely used for entertainment purposes, it offers great marketing and branding prospects for companies.

With Tiktok, growth chances for social media marketing teams to build their brand are bigger than ever.  Wondering whether your brand should get in on TikTok? Here’s everything you need to know!

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an Android and iOS-based social media mobile app built for everyone to creatively express and share small-sized videos (just up to 15 seconds long). This creativeness is most often broadcasted in the shape of a quick lip-sync, dance, or even comedy enactment, enhanced using its brilliant features, such as:

  • AR filters
  • Visual & Sound Effects
  • Text & Captions
  • Musical overlays

It’s rising to the peak of success, producing one viral sensation after the other—from dances, songs, to memes, to popular Tikka stars. It’s all addictive and fun!

What Numbers Say About TikTok?

  • 90% of TikTok users visit the app at least once a day, whereas some return many times each day.
  • 65% of the TikTok user base is aged right between 10 and 30.
  • 21% of TikTok users share brand posts while 24% of users share influencer posts.
  • The average time spent on TikTok is about an hour, with a daily add opening rate at 13 per day.

TikTok for Businesses

TikTok for Businesses was launched in June 2020. This fast-evolving platform is mainly created as a marketing hub for brands providing multiple solutions for increasing engagement and building an audience.

Create Your Creative Content for Free!

Account creation and posting content are all free on TikTok. You only need a smartphone and time to invest the time of editing and exploring appropriate social media images. With this, it will take creativity, effort, and luck to go viral.

Build Brand Takeover Ads – Be Brief, Short, Specific!

Brand takeover ads occupy full screen and run a 3 to 5-second video ad that always appears the moment a user opens up the app. It receives at least 8,900,000 impressions. However, brand takeover ads aren’t cheap and can cost around $53,000 per day and even beyond if you need more impressions.

TopView ads Create Lasting Influence

These are 60-second prime time placement videos that ensure your target audience will surely see your messaging. Though a bit pricy ($65,000 per day), a brand will partner with a TikTok influencer will give a feel more like a natural plug in place of a direct advertisement.

In-Feed Video (Upto 15 Seconds Ads)

  • Brand premium – These are randomly placed among the first 130 in-feed videos, costing $25,000 at minimum.
  • One day max – Programed to be the 4th video in a user’s feed, it best blends in with other content with a campaign lasting about 24 hours and costing around 26,000 for 3,600,000 impressions.

Hashtag Challenge for Max Engagement

TikTok provokes advertisers to fulfil challenges and connect them to a hashtag. The hashtag acts as a CTA for users to build their version over the next 6 days. Although priced at $130,000, the high engagement of 8.5%, makes it a profitable investment.

Branded Effect Boosts Impact!

Branded effects are 2D animated filters triggered via hand or facial movement and appearing on the first page of the effects panel for 30 days priced around $45,000 per month.

Influencers Packages for Influential Reach.

  • Value hybrid package – For $20,000, you get access to three mid-tier creators and two top-tier creators.
  • Top-tier – For $35,000, you get access to five creators, with every creator having 1 to 5 million followers.
  • Mid-tier – For $12,000, you get access to five creators, every creator has less than a million followers.

Get On TikTok!

Traditional advertising now belongs to an obsolete era. There are innovative, creative as well as credible ways to reach your target audience if they’re 30 or younger. Even if you’re a smaller size brand with budget constraints, you should at least try to create a profile and post regularly to build engagement with your customers. So, build a profile, accommodate yourself to the site, and begin posting right away.

At Zoom Digital, we are empowering business growth for our clients. Connect with us and take the first step towards growth today!

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