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  • What is a Good Conversion Rate? It’s Higher Than You Think!

What is a Good Conversion Rate? It’s Higher Than You Think!

September 30, 2021

There’s always talk of increasing conversion rates, but how do you know when you have a good conversion rate? Keep in mind, it’s not a question of a particular number, but instead, a few words – “a higher one”.

Now, the question here arises, what exactly should be the conversion rate to be termed as ‘higher’? The answer to this question and everything else about conversion rate is discussed in detail in this article. Continue reading to know more!

What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is defined as the cumulative percentage of end-users on your page as a result of conversion. It’s a crucial part of any organic or paid search activity. There is no point of burning your money into your website If you’re not able to convert a big number of window shoppers into buyers.

To put it simply, the conversion rate is an extremely important monetizing step of maximizing your ROI. It helps you to find the perfect sweet spot determining the largest possible lead conversions.

Key Upshots

  • Increase conversions and drive quality with focused, strategic modifications. Test smart, not hard.
  • Do big for big returns. Changing a font color will only bring you small benefits. Test 10 landing pages with large differences to find your winner.
  • Find what resonates most with your user and be careful in qualifying leads.
  • A ‘good’ conversion rate is different for every industry.
  • Bin conversion roadblocks by altering the flow of your landing page.
  • Discard your poor performers and target the high ranking 10% pages receiving 80% of traffic.
  • High conversion rates indicate nothing if the leads you’ve produced aren’t quality leads.
  • Remarket to users who showed intent but didn’t convert.

Here’s how you can tell if your conversion rate is high, which can tell you a lot about how your website and business is growing.

What’s a High Website Conversion Rate?

Let’s begin with some simple metrics.

  • The top 25% of pages have their users convert at 5.31% or more.
  • The top 10 percenters stay at 11.45%.
  • The industry-wide average conversion rate is 2.35%.

So, if you’re aiming high, then 3%, 5% and 10% aren’t as high as you think it is. An improvement from 2% to 4% might seem you made twice as much as your conversion rate, but you’re still glued in the average.

Smashing into the top 10% is flawlessly attainable, though. Even if you’re standing at 5%, you’re outperforming 75% of competitors – but you can still expand!

Here’s How to Get High Conversion Rates

Focus on the optimization tactics discussed below to improve conversion rates. This will help you produce top quality leads, rather than just a higher percentage.

A More Productive Offering

If what you offer isn’t worth demand in the market, you won’t be able to convert anyone.

Try to create a valuable offering that your visitors can actually use. For instance, you may test your eBook against a tool like WordStream’s AdWords Grader report card. The more productive your offer is, the greater are the chances for people to buy it.

Easy Navigation & Skimmable Page

To attract a visitor to your offer, you must express it clearly with an emphasis on its advantages.

  • Check if your page is skimmable?
  • Is the headline catchy?
  • Is font choice legible?
  • Is there any excess flowery language to be removed?
  • Use innovative SEO tools for achieving optimization.

A Stronger Case for Claiming Your Offer

As 88% of buyers trust online reviews, use social proof like company testimonials and badges to showcase your high-profile clientele.

Use particular statistics like “How Autopilot Grew Conversions by 200%,” to demonstrate actions rather than words.

Choose The Best Media

Try to show, not tell. In case of a high profile commitment, an explainer video could provide the additional info that persuades visitors to strike your CTA button.

So, select the right media for the job. Test a variety of infographics, interactive gifs, videos — to see which best applies to your audience.

Determine the Flow That Works Best for Your Users

Try to main user-friendly attributes throughout. Avoid excessively overwhelming information, as this will just unnecessarily confuse the user. A great user experience always stimulates conversion. Maintain a simple flow of your page to let the user determine that they are in control.

When you alter the flow in a way that matches your interests, you can qualify leads and aim for better lead generating goals and remarketing in future.

Get Imaginative with Your Offer

The offers usually stand out if the pages are top-performing. By setting yourself distinct from your competitors, you’re differentiating your brand as innovative in comparison to the rest. Industries usually have a default “offer”, which can be ‘a free trial’ or ‘a free consult.’

But before practising your creativity:

  • Try to know what your customers want.
  • Brainstorm and try out more creative offers.
  • Work harder if your conversion rate isn’t going above 2%.

Test 10 Landing Pages to Determine Your Winner

Instead of focusing on various things, simply divert your attention to your high-end performers, and discard the pages that are not performing up to the mark. Focus on quality, rather than quantity.

You should be experimenting on approximately four unique pages with different flow, offers and copy, to determine the one best landing page that will see your conversions achieving 3-5 times the normal conversion rate.

The Takeaway

The importance of a higher conversion rate for a successful endeavor can certainly not be denied. This is why you should rely on experts for this purpose. At Zoom Digital, we have a team of highly experienced and skilled digital marketers who are geared with advanced resources to help improve the conversion rate.  Give us a call to explore how we can support you thrive beyond the normal, into the percentile where the top-of-the-line competitors are playing.

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