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  • What is App Store Optimization and Why is it Important?

What is App Store Optimization and Why is it Important?

September 16, 2021

There are nearly 6 million mobile apps in the App Store. Although this large volume of apps provides utility to users, it poses many challenges for app publishers as they have to ensure the visibility of their apps. If their app isn’t discovered by the people, all their resources go to waste. It’s as simple as that.

This is why knowing app store optimization (ASO) is so important. It ensures your app’s prominence and visibility on the App Store.

Regardless of the channels your visitors come from; be it organic search, cross-promotion, paid campaigns, or social media; they ultimately have to decide whether to install your app or not. Knowing the reasons behind customers’ actions allows developers to bring about the best optimizations in their app’s layout and design according to the target audience’s tastes and preferences.

What is ASO?

App store optimization, also known as ASO, is a systematic process of optimizing mobile apps to be more visible to potential customers. It also helps to improve an app’s ranking in the app store’s search results. In layman terms, ASO ultimately drives huge traffic to your app’s page, so searchers can eventually ‘download your app’.

What Factors Are Crucial to ASO?

App Store Optimization factors to focus mainly include:

  • Keywords
  • App name and title
  • Description
  • Subtitle
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Total number of downloads

Among all these factors, keywords hold crucial importance. Suffice it to say, the ASO process requires a critical understanding of your target audience, so you can hone in on the right keywords.

Why is App Store Optimization Important?

Due to massive competition in the digital world, getting an app discovered by the target audience is one of the biggest challenges faced by digital marketing professionals. App store optimization best supports enhancing your app visibility and ranking, putting your right before your audience in an organic way.

Statistics reveal that a typical App Store search navigates up to 69% of app downloads. This clearly signifies the importance of a prominent ranking in the search results. The higher your app ranks, the better chances of app discovery and downloads.

So, if your app store page is not optimized, you could be missing out on thousands of potential downloads.

Top Benefits of ASO

ASO works similarly to SEO, except with apps in place of websites competing on the app store for the topmost rank.  It involves regular updating and tweaking your app’s page based on critical factors, such as keywords, downloads, usage, reviews and uninstalls.

These are some of the major benefits of ASO:

Let’s Your App Reach the Right Users

Using the right keywords lets your app appear in front of your target audience. If you aren’t using the right keyword that your potential visitors are looking for, you’ve selected the wrong category, your app details aren’t clear, users won’t be able to discover your app.

Provides Great Traffic in Low Costs

With a great ASO strategy in place, your organic installs will boost with almost no cost! The moment your app is optimized, it will automatically begin ranking your app higher. Thereby, increasing your organic downloads as well as visibility, all whilst keeping your acquisition costs to the bottom.

Boosts Revenue with Extra Downloads

If you have monetized your app in any capacity, such as from subscriptions, ads, in-app purchases etc., ASO will boost your revenue from all the additional downloads received.

Ensures Predictably Stable Future

ASO helps in increasing app downloads, which, in turn, results in generating more revenue. All this ensures a good future for you. With consistent struggle and regular updates of your app, you can let those organically driven downloads flow in unfailingly.

The Takeaway

To sum it up, ASO holds crucial importance to bear the fruits of all the hard work and resources you have put to develop and market your app. However, doing this on your own requires a lot of expertise, experience and research. This is why it is recommended to get experts on boards who are equipped with all these resources. And for this, you can rely on Zoom Digital. Our ASO team helps to boost your app and reach the TOP. Contact us now to get a quote or more information about our app store optimization services. 

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