15 Call to Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA?)

15 Call to Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA?)

September 23, 2021

Did you know that as many as 70% of small B2B business websites lack a Call to Action button? Statistics reveal that more than 90% of visitors who read your headline, also give your CTA copy a read. Take a minute and think of the possible lead conversion and sales revenue that your website could have made. But you have missed them all by not having an engaging Call to Action, until now!

To hop back on the bandwagon, you will have to set Call to Actions in place and be part of the race that you never tried getting into in the first place.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the best practices used by world-famous brands to inspire and begin making one for your website:


CTA: Try 30 Days Free

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming service, with 200+ million paid memberships in over 190 countries using a striking red button to attract the eye. Its free trial of 30 days will get you hooked on watching famous TV shows, movies, documentaries, and whatnot. As a result, the user will not cancel out the subscription and continue using it.


CTA: Sign up for Free

Dropbox is a modern workplace, specifically designed to help you cut through work clutter and focus on things that matter the most. Its simple design uses negative space and the blue action button stands out. Nevertheless, it makes it easier for the audience to sign in and sign up to get started.


CTA: Get Spotify Free

Spotify gives its audience uninterrupted and ad-free music with great download options. While its marketing strategy has remained the same, the conversion strategy has evolved.

Earlier, there was a separate Call to Action for free and premium versions. But now the landing page is driving the entire audience towards their freemium. On the contrasting colors, Call to Action sits in a simple, bold, and prominent place, waiting to be clicked.


CTA: Sign Up- it’s Free!

Trello utilizes the persuasive nature of the CTAs, with a single Call to action following a while text bar to write the email. There is nothing in a solid background color to distract from signing up and moving ahead.


CTA: Explore nearby stays

Airbnb remains a travel partner at the national and international levels. Even during the travel restriction in pandemic times, Airbnb makes it easy to find unique and affordable stays, adding a sense of personalization. Furthermore, the Call to Action copy reads “Go Near” is simple, and drives clear action.

How about a Real Cookie!

CTA: Starbucks

While Starbucks coffee ensures that our brains keep working during extra hours, the Call to Action on its website gives us a good laugh and an instant craving for a chocolate chip cookie. This temptation encourages the audience to place an order therein and encourages in-the-moment buying decisions from the local Starbucks.


CTA: Order Early

A sense of exclusivity for the audience can click them right away, just how Disney’s CTA does that. Disney advertises for its movie before release, and via Call to Action, it gives the audience the option to book tickets beforehand. Obviously, they can’t watch the movie before the official release date, the audience feels the exclusivity to having the access before everyone else.


CTA: Ride and Save

Lyft has a quick and crisp approach and cuts right into the chase. In addition to this, it answers the quick question of ride offerings. Clicking right away will give them a ride and also save. After all, the entire CTA gives a neat, clean look and uses the negative spaces as an advantage to draw attention and attract leads.


CTA: I’m in! Show me Canva 2.0

Canva, via its email CTA, makes use of a detailed and thoughtful copy to let the viewer know what they’ll get once they click the button. This creates a sense of community and exclusivity to something once the click processes.

Apple TV+

CTA: Let the show begin

Apple has a new streaming service in place, by the name of Apple TV+. Its Call to Action is paired with a play icon that moves the visitor towards signing up. Nevertheless, this is a great way of speaking directly to the audience and eliciting a response.


CTA: Start Meeting

Join.Me cuts through the hassle of following a long pathway to signing up and then starting the meeting.  Its Call-to-action can take you to the meeting right away. The bright orange color is placed on the dark background to attract eyeballs, click it and get started with the meeting.


CTA: Join the Spring

Charity Water is a group that donates money to non-profit organizations in order to help deliver clean water solutions globally to those in need. Its CTA reads Join the Spring, giving its audience a feel of joining this international movement, and simply donating for the cause. In addition to this, a child’s happy face makes the viewer want to click and become a part of this noble cause.


CTA: Buy now and save

QuickBooks has a complete demo page that allows the visitors to browse through, understand the tool, and then make the choice. Those, who can clearly understand the process, can skip through the demo and buy straightaway. Moreover, the CTA clearly gives out the demo and buyer packages on its landing page. This saves the visitor from moving around the page and making their selection right away.


CTA: Parents, get 30 days free! Educators, get it free!

Online education and thorough learning have sprung up during the Covid times. When accessibility seemed to become a problem, Epic started giving its digital library for free to parents and teachers. This Call to Action talks directly communicates its offer to both sides with its paid and free status. It’s small, crisp, specific, and communicates through.


CTA: Become an Instructor

Amongst the largest online learning platform, Udemy allows the instructors to record, upload and teach courses on multiple subjects. This CTA is directed towards this persona and encourages them to teach and reach globally. Furthermore, this gives them an inspiration and motive to live up to their dreams.

Guide For a Perfect CTA

Although there are tons of guides on how to write a perfect Call to Action, the following guidelines will help you devise one that converts the lead down the marketing funnel.

Begin With The Imperative

The essence of CTA is to convince the visitor to do something. Therefore, it is always advised to start strong. Using authoritative words will help the visitor make the immediate.

Examples can include:

  • Join
  • Click
  • Shop

This will bring about the action that the brand wants them to take.

Action Words Are A Big Yes!

Action words can increase conversions by 15%. Such action-oriented words include:

  • Learn More
  • Join us
  • Get Started
  • See How

However, make sure that you avoid all sorts of friction words that can create even the slightest resistance in the audience. These include

  • Buy
  • Submit
  • Order
  • Download

These friction words can imply the audience to do something that they may not necessarily want; thereby, reducing the desired impact.

Low Risk

CTA’s are devised in such a manner that they promote a high value and a low risk for the audience. To put it simply, the brand needs to make sure that they are applying zero pressure on the visitor. While the motive is clear, the visitor should know that they will find out further information without committing.

Quick and Crisp

Marketing experts believe that a short, quick, and crisp Call to Action that is able to address the needs of the audience can do the work. Ideally, it should not take more than six seconds, meaning it’s below four to five words.


Sending personalized messages can get the subscribers to open the message. This magic is possible by making a small change of language from “your” to “my”. Wondering what the results are? It’s a direct 90% increase in conversion rate. A small shift towards personalization can go a long way.

Color Psychology in Play

Colors communicate strong meanings to our unconscious brain. Incorporating and utilizing the colors effectively can help brands achieve their ultimate goal of lead generation. In addition to this, the color palette, every color denotes some emotion.

  • Green promotes growth and relaxation
  • Yellow grabs attention
  • Red increases energy
  • Blue reflects trust, and the list goes on.

Therefore, choosing the best combination between words and colors can augment the message quality and generate a favorable response.

Create and Hit your Target

All of the successful companies who are able to get enormous lead generation and conversion practices have deployed the use of the above-mentioned CTA practices. However, before picking any type of Call to Action, it’s important to discover the company’s voice and what works best for the company. Depending upon that, you can create one, test run it, and then send it online. You may not have the perfect first shot, but with the expertise of lead generation agencies like Zoom Digital, you can have a jumpstart in your conversion strategy.

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