How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign?

How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign?

September 29, 2021

The world has advanced, and so have the ways of marketing businesses. Conventional marketing practices are becoming obsolete, making room for newer, advanced, and more cost-efficient approaches. And Google AdWords happens to be among the most effective ones. It has a lot of potentials. They can, however, only be unleashed if a Google AdWords campaign is planned and executed appropriately.

For the uninitiated, Google AdWords campaigns let users earn their money’s return out of PPC advertising while guaranteeing that the right users click on the campaigns. Over decades, we have let businesses thrive from zero to million dollars by working hard on AdWords campaigns. In parallel, we have also witnessed $10,000 vanish in smoke due to mishandled campaigns.

With that said, let’s explore the best ways to create a profitable Google AdWords campaign right from scrape”

1: Is Customer Demand Really Exists?

If your consumers are not looking for you in Google, then, of course, the Google AdWords search campaign is going to be of no use.

We recommend the Keyword Suggestion Tool for Google AdWords as the best option to:

  • Find out the search volume.
  • Identify the frequency of search
  • Reveal keyword competitiveness with AdWords
  • Find out keyword costs in relation to the campaign.

However, there are certain points to be sure about before choosing a keyword:

  • Will advertising on the keyword be affordable?
  • Are there chances for purchase?
  • Is the corresponding keyword searched in Google?

All these factors will greatly help you in identifying and utilizing the right keywords.

2: Conduct a Cost-Benefit Analysis

It’s sensible to evaluate how much each keyword will cost before creating a Google AdWords campaign. This will save you from pursuing unprofitable keywords.

To calculate, you can compare Max CPC (maximum cost per click) with the approximate keyword CPC. Max CPC = (profit per buyer) x (1 – profit margin) x (conversion rate)

For example, if your Max CPC is $15 and your estimated CPC is $9, you know you can profit on that keyword.

The Max CPC specifies your earning per customer, the rate, and your ultimate advertisement margin.

3: Perform Competitor Analysis

The next step is to analyze competing companies by using competitor intelligence. This can help to reduce risk as those companies will have already optimized and experimented with their AdWords campaigns.

4: Make Use of a Strong USP

Making use of a strong USP is primarily required for three main reasons:

  • It will pull more qualified customers.
  • It will boost the sales conversion rates.
  • It will eliminate the requirement for price comparison shopping.

5: Have an Irresistible Offer

What can make your offer irresistible? It’s important to get an answer to this question before proceeding ahead.

These four elements can help you to get the right answer:

  • Value: Your offer’s value must outweigh its price tag.
  • Convincible: You must make your buyer believe you through your offer.
  • Risk reduction: A money-back guarantee will reduce risk.
  • Call to action: Keep it accessible and use a solid CTA.

6: Create Catchy Ads

Your ads must:

  • Entice prospective target audience
  • Refuse unqualified leads

This will eventually lead to greater traffic, leading to increased income for you. The critical areas you should focus on are:

  • Headline: Up to 30 characters in length.
  • Description Lines: State your USP, give social proof, and clarify your offer with CTA, all in only 90 characters.
  • Display URL: Make it stand out in the crowd.

7: Use Relevant Landing Pages

Build a dedicated landing page for the keyword and the ad.

Your headline should attract the reader’s interest because it is the most crucial part of your landing page. Repeat the ad’s bid, and entice them to read through. After all, the end goal is to allow the complete sales process to satisfy your prospects.

8: Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is used for measuring sales made by your AdWords campaign. Use Google AdWords’ built-in conversion monitoring to analyze sales-inducing campaign keywords.

9: AdWords Settings for Success

These settings primarily include:

  • Device Bids: Make your website optimized for mobile devices.
  • Display vs Search: These are two distinct networks, and they require distinct sets of keywords, landing pages, and even ads. Both networks must carry out their tasks smoothly.
  • Negative Keywords: You can also use negative keywords to avoid specific phrases from activating your ads.
  • Keyword Match Types: Exact keyword match tells Google to display only your ad whenever a user types in a similar keyword & therefore gives you the best visibility.

10: Optimize Certain Areas

  • Ad click-through rate: You should test different ads to see which version gets the most clicks to improve your CTR.
  • Keyword Bids: Continue to improve your keyword bids if they are profitable and you aren’t ranked on the top. Otherwise, you’ll have to lower bids or stop bidding.
  • Landing page Conversion rate: Google analytics can be used to optimize your landing page to find out which page generates more conversions.

The Takeaway

In all, Google AdWords, as stated above, can greatly improve your website’s ranking and visibility. However, it’s recommended to hire professional services if you fully want to explore its potential. And for this, Zoom Digital has got you covered. Contact us now for highly reliable and result-oriented lead generation campaign services. 

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