What is SEO? A Complete Guide

What is SEO? A Complete Guide

November 14, 2022

Imagine a person all ready for work on a lovely Monday morning, only to find out his car being busted in the parkway. As daunting as it sounds, what will be your first move? We assume he’s more likely to turn to Google in search of a mechanic nearby. That’s the power of search engines to provide you with the solutions you need at the moment. 

You, on the other hand, run an online car garage and make a perfect match for that end-user with a punctured tyre. How will you grab their attention within seconds? If you want them to find your website immediately, you need to acknowledge the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

But what is SEO exactly, and how does it work? Well, it’s simpler than you might think. Let’s find out together. 

What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) tends to improve your website’s organic rankings on search portals like Google, YouTube, Bing, and Amazon. It’s where you want to show up to the relevant customers with your services. As most users click on one of the first few search results, staying up to their eye levels is the goal. 

Do you know consumers are always searching for what you do with some specific phrases? Therefore, you can quickly draw them to your platform by ranking for those terms. However, you need to come up with versatile SEO strategies to rank, especially when your competitors ride on the same bandwagon. 

4 Types of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) That You Must Know

SEO functions by optimising a website’s content with proper keyword research and inbound links to enhance the overall visibility of your brand. The primary aim of any website is to resonate with its target audience, and SEO helps you achieve just that.

Have you cleared the concept of what is SEO? There are also a few strings attached to it, which you must know. Without any further ado, head over to the main types of SEOs mentioned below. 

  • On-page SEO

As you can understand, content creation is significant for executing SEO-related tasks. We would emphasise it because on-page SEO deals with specific phrases to improve search visibility. Since search engines can’t read technically, on-page SEO assists them in identifying the ambition of your content. 

For instance, if you’ve written something about organic planting without incorporating the SEO elements, Google can only predict the purpose of your blog. On the other hand, when you specifically optimise your content accordingly, it’s a guaranteed ranking effort. 

Some on-page techniques you can implement to achieve on-page SEO expectations are:

  1. Title tags 
  2. Meta Descriptions
  3. URLs
  4. Internal and External linking
  5. Content formatting and headers 
  6. Images 
  7. HTML codes 
  • Off-Page SEO

Unlike on-page SEO, you can assume off-page SEO as a form of word-of-mouth marketing. Didn’t get it? Let’s make it easier for you. It reveals your connections with other websites that have already built notable prestige. Remember that the type of website you’re associating with says a lot about your reputation. That’s because a backlink from an accredited site helps boost your web page’s authority. Some off-page SEO efforts include

  • Link Building:

Backlinks signal the search engines about your website’s relativity with other sites on the internet. A single backlink from a high-authority site is stronger than hundreds of backlinks from irrelevant websites. 

  • Guest posting 

Guest posting requires approaching famous authors from other websites to write content for you. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t prefer getting backlinks from guest posts. Still, it makes a viable option to build your brand awareness. 

  • Social Media Awareness

Social media works like a magic wand when driving traffic to your site. Just backlink the context with your LinkedIn account, and see the wonders of your strategies within minutes. With emerging social media channels for business marketing, there’s a lot of scope in this regard.

  • Technical SEO matters 

Now that you’ve perceived what is SEO, It’s time to absorb the technicalities, yet another form, technical SEO. It talks about helping search engines to find, peruse and filter all the pages of your website. In addition, it determines your website’s overall performance and usability. Here’s what you must know about this aspect. 

  • Google often prefers ranking faster web pages as they provide a better user experience. 
  • Users find it easier to access your content from anywhere, which lays a strong foundation for mobile-friendliness.  
  • Regardless if it’s navigating the checkout option or reading an article, your audience must be able to take action immediately. If they had to wait for hours to access a single page, it’s nothing but sheer disappointment. 

To sum it up, the entire phenomenon of technical SEO is persuading search engine crawlers to notice your web instantly. By this, we’re highlighting the ones with unattractive and unoptimised websites. 

  • Local SEO

Suppose you want to find a restaurant nearby, so what will you do? You’ll search for the location online. While you can be ignorant of the eatery, the local search may look familiar.

Similarly, if your website also owns an outlet somewhere, you must know how to turn those digital eyes to visitors. To do that, local search engine optimization (SEO) is your go-to method. Local SEO is another profoundly-shaped branch of an enormous tree of SEO. It optimises your site to achieve better rankings, focusing on a specific location.

  • Black Hat SEO

Black-hat SEO is also a type of SEO but a defaming one. It tends to exploit vulnerabilities in Google’s search algorithm to rank higher in the results.

Fraudsters and paid-link-building strategies, keyword stuffing, and other ways are applied to get ahead of others. These practices promise fruitful outcomes initially but can negatively impact your website if detected by Google. Therefore, we advise you to avoid implementing black SEO to stay out of trouble. 

Top Ways to Achieve Higher Google Rankings through SEO 

It’s no secret that Google’s search engine algorithm must have got you excited now. So, are you ready to get your website ranked in the same category? Here’s a rundown of ideas for you to incorporate into your SEO strategies:

  • Start with Keyword Research 

Deciding on which keywords to target for the write-up can be a nuisance. However, sitting back and brainstorming with a reader-centric perspective sounds like Wiseman. When it comes to doing SEO for Google, keyword research must be your best foot forward. The entire mechanism revolves around keywords that a user types into google. 

That’s why you need to optimise your content accordingly. In this regard, various paid and free keyword research tools are available. Among these, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and Ahrefs are the most sought-after ones.

  • Write Thoroughly 

The better your content is, the rankings will be equally higher. It implies that you must create engaging content rather than sticking to the title tags. Both Google and readers hope to get an all-in-one guide to their queries. By this, we’re not dictating you to overfill the copy. The idea is to ensure that each paragraph grants a compact approach to the readers.

This ultimately promises them to get the solutions, so they don’t need to head to any other resource. Everything they need to know must be present on your website. Also, you should know about the type of content that survives Google algorithm updates.

  • Engage the Skimmers 

Nowadays, nobody has enough time to devour every word on your web page. Research even says that around 84% of readers skim through the guides. So, your content must attend to the habitual values of skimmers. 

The goal is to streamline engaging content that draws the reader’s attention at a glance. That doesn’t mean you’ve to beat around the bush. But keeping a follow-up with the roots of what’s already working for growth would be wise. In the end, it’s all about quality over quantity! 

  • Organise your Website 

How web pages on your site are grouped and organised says a lot about your personality. If you’ve prioritised your web pages enough to align them properly, you’ll be equally responsive towards your consumers.

A well-groomed website wholeheartedly greets the search engines to your platform. Likewise, it’ll be hard for search engines to find you if you have unorganised web pages. Hiring the best website design and development services is the right way to go here.

  • Act Humanely 

Produce content like a human and not like a robot. Never try to manipulate Google and other search engines. Presently, portals have gotten extra-ordinarily smart. If you’re persuading them, they can easily detect it and penalise your site. Avoid stuffing, spinning other’s content and applying black hat techniques to be in good shape. 

Perks of Implementing SEO Techniques on Your Website

To emerge as a cut-throat platform in the market, brands must adjust their digital presence. It assists them in being more visible, valuable and available to consumers 24/7. Is there a secret formula for that? By understanding the benefits of SEO, you can achieve the feat.

Look at the following SEO perks, and decide for yourself:

  •   SEO Boosts Credibility 

Regardless if it’s the on-page SEO or versatile keyword research that brought your website to the top, consumers are more likely to trust it. As soon as you hit a remarkable figure, it’ll instantly boost your brand’s credibility. And if you’re up for putting in extra effort, nothing can hold you back from attaining your goals. 

  • SEO is Highly Affordable 

Unlike traditional marketing, SEO would never let you break the bank. As search engines keep on draining your site 24/7. It’s a great opportunity to promote yourself and appeal to the target audience organically.

To make the most of your SEO exercises, invest some of your time to review the content that made the competitors rank and aspire to produce content better than theirs. Next, share the link on your social platforms, and you’re good to go.

  • SEO Supports Content Marketing 

Content and SEO go hand in hand. Your website will rank higher by creating helpful content for the audience, including texts, images, and videos. However, SEO can help streamline your marketing efforts too. For that reason, you must ensure high-quality content with suitable keywords. Since search engines prefer the art of novelty, update your content regularly.

  • SEO Provides 24/7 Promotion 

Being a newbie might surprise you with the fact that SEO never stops promoting your services. Your content remains even if you run out of budget, unlike paid advertisements. Ranking achieved via SEO helps market your website 24/7, taking full advantage of over 6000 online searches.

Adding to these perks, do you know what sets it apart? The ability to knock the user’s door exactly when they’re looking out for you.

  • SEO Is a Keystone for Competitive Edge 

Your competitors will probably be investing in SEO, persisting that you should attend it too. While it can be done complimentary, those who invest in SEO often outrank the competition.

We live in an undeniably digitised era, where shoppers don’t wander around the retailers seeking affordable prices. They will only visit others if you can’t entice them with your services at first glance. To avoid such mishaps, SEO helps you dwell on top of the search engine, bringing you to your “A” game.   

  • SEO Brings you Quantifiable Results 

With SEO, you can track rankings, conversions and website traffic changes. Platforms like Google Analytics give a comprehensive suite of information, allowing you to dive deeper into the details.

For instance, you can see every website’s user buying journey. It includes the pages they got engaged with, the keyword they entered to search products and which actions they took. This way, you can determine the insights from a client’s POV and make improvements accordingly.

  • SEO maximises PPC Campaigns 

It’s difficult to digest, but unpaid SEO and paid marketing strategies (PPC) make a delightful blend. PPC makes your site appear at the top of search results, while SEO does the same without any charges.

Being associated with both methods shows that you’re not merely throwing money to be on the top. Also, you can utilise SEO to maximise your PPC campaigns. A high-ranking page might surpass your expectations with PPC advertising, particularly if the keyword has a low-cost-per-click.

  • SEO makes a Website Search Engine-friendly 

Remember that working hard to impress search engines never goes in vain. It’s two-way communication, ultimately driving your website fastly and more responsively. Two main factors that improve usability are robust website structure and navigation. In addition, add backlinks, get external authors, and design every page attentively. Do whatever it takes to create a website that’s worth giving a read. 

Things You Must Know About Google Rankings In 2022

Each year, Google introduces over 600 adaptations and updates to its algorithm. There are many mood swings of SEO as it keeps on changing. Likewise, we expect that SEO’s ranking will become more competitive by 2022. As a result, content that only tries to fish its audience through irrelevant sourcing will be useless. 

So, wondering what is SEO in 2022? Keep reading to get awareness about the recent SEO algorithms before proceeding and  practically applying them:

  • Relevancy is the Key 

Google promises users relevant results to their keywords, more like providing a one-stop solution to their problems. For instance, it would be futile to read about artificial gardening ways if you’re searching for organic gardening. That’s where relevancy shows up in the picture. 

Previously, Google used to trust pages by determining the keywords. But, the tables have turned, and search engines have the mindset of understanding the page’s topic. This way, both the website’s owner and users retreat happily after completing their motives. 

  • Authority is Responsive 

After you’ve created relevancy, what’s the next step? It’s to inform Google that your site deserves reliance. Google highly relies on websites that work honestly, but do you know why? It’s because they never let it down and always work harder to upscale its status. Back-linking also comes in handy in this regard. By connecting with an authoritative website, there will be no doubts left about your reliability. 

  • Banned Keyword Stuffing 

Gone are the days of keyword-stuffed content and scammy links, which could only happen because of Google’s ever-changing schemes.

As mentioned earlier, search engines used to rely on keywords. The more related keywords your content had, the more exposure it got from the readers. That’s no longer the case, converting SEO into a rewarding tool for businesses and bloggers.

  • Better Content Quality 

While there are no second guesses that authority blows life to credibility, you’ll also need quality content to get ranked. By this, we imply that Google judges the content based on something other than writing style. It can include the impressiveness of a web page or a user-friendly system. Needless to say, it bends more towards a page that satisfies the user’s search intent. So, it’s time to fix broken content marketing strategy!

Over to You! 

When working on something diligently, it’s humane to wish to reap the benefits right away. Sometimes, that’s far from reality, and the same goes with the case of Search Engine Optimisation. Once you’ve understood what is SEO and the rewards it brings to your table, there’s no going back. You’ll get the results of SEO months after working on it. In another scenario, it might take a year or two. But, if you decide to stay consistent, you’ll see the graph rising, one way or another. 

After perceiving the above guide, we expect your next step to be practically implementing them. For this, book a consulting session with Zoom Digital today and get yourself ranked in no time.

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